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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management Solutions For Business

Skyrocket Your Fleets Efficiency, Enhance Driver Safety & Save More With Our Commercial
Business GPS Trackers & Fleet Management System Across Australia.

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More than 3k+ companies use our tracking platform.


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Our user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards make it easy for you to
explore and analyse your data, regardless of your technical expertise.

Complete GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System

Track vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, increase worker productivity and encourage safer driving with Linxio fleet management solutions and GPS vehicle trackers. 

Track with real-time GPS vehicle tracking devices
Monitor driver behaviour, keeping your fleet safe
Reduce maintenance costs & fuel consumption

GPS Trackers

Linxio offers a wide range of 4G CAT-M1 GPS vehicle trackers, from basic to advanced to suit all applications and any conditions.

IoT Sensors

Connect to temperature sensors, humidity & light sensors, driver identification tags, tyre pressure sensors, and more.

AI Dash Cameras

Smart AI dash cams with options for live streaming gives fleet managers unparalleled insights into vehicle driving events.

Driver App

Manage your drivers and field workers by scheduling, dispatching and managing their tasks directly to their phone.

GPS Fleet Tracking & Management

Connect your fleet and gain total control and visibility with the latest 4G LTE vehicle trackers & devices paired with our world class fleet management software.

Instant return on investment

Fuel reduction
More productive
Lower maintenance

Checked every box for us, competitive price, with reliable GPS trackers and modern software that never skips a beat.
Keegan - Car Rental


AI Smart Safety Dashcams

The Linxio Vision 3.0 is an advanced vehicle dashcam system that enhances fleet safety and performance. It integrates with Linxio’s software to provide live stream video footage from up to six cameras. This system also includes Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Safety Check (DSC) & Driver Monitoring System (DMS), offering a holistic view of driver behaviour and roadway conditions. 

Up to 6 channels
Facial Recognition
Fatigue Monitoring
Speed Sign Alerts
Live Streaming
Cloud Storage

Since we installed our Linxio dashcams we have seen a dramatic positive change in our drivers behaviour on the road.
Joel - Facilities Maintenance

Asset Tracking & Management

Complete control over your assets using our GPS Asset Tracking, vehicle tracking & management software with live tracking, plus valuable data such as fuel levels and unauthorised usage.

Engine hours

Driver ID



Fuel levels

IoT Sensors


I cannot believe we ran our business so long before getting a GPS tracking system... We would be lost without it now.
Jason - Plumbing and Electrical


Driver Safety & Performance

A driver behaviour management system gives fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance in regard to speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.

Safety in numbers

Lower accidents
Insurance discount
Reduction in wear & tear

With Linxio, we can stay compliant and ensure our field workers are within safe zones and driving responsibly.
Steve - Mining

Job/Delivery Management & Dispatch

Eliminate downtime and increase productivity with seamless job/delivery management & dispatch solutions for all trades, Services & transport companies.


Route optimisation


2-way chat

API Integration


We have reduced our paperwork by more than half, giving an edge over our competition , while running a highly productive fleet.
Daniel - Long haul transport


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, the Linxio platform is a modulated software so you can start with the basics, and add more functionality as your business requirements grow. 

While we recommend using a Linxio branded GPS tracking device for the ultimate accuracy and reliability, we understand that the reinvestment into new hardware may not fit within budget. in this case, we do have the ability to integrate almost any GPS tracking device, from any provider.

We give our clients lifetime cloud storage of their company data, as long as you are our customer, your data will be stored safely in our highly secure, mirrored data center.

No, our software is very intuitive, and has many automated tasks to help you run this software with minimal interaction. Such as automated reports, alerts, and notifications.

Pricing depends on a few things, such as your business requirements, fleet size, whether you purchase hardware outright, or go on a rental plan, etc. 

The best way to get all the information on pricing is to complete the form above for an obligation free quote

yes, we can offer customised hardware and software plans according to your exact requirements, and even have the scope for custom development to get you exactly what you need. Just contact us today for an obligation free consultation.

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What type of assets do you have?
What feature(s) are you most interested in?
What is your fleet size?
Where do we send the Quote and Product Information?
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