How Linxio Helps
Construction & Heavy Machinery

Keep a direct link between your fleet, assets and staff and manage them on the go with the Linxio App. Our advanced real-time trackers make equipment tracking effective with the added ease of operations.


Choose a company that understands the specific GPS fleet management needs for your industry and needs, then works with you and your staff to create a safe and productive work culture.

Boost On-site Safety with
Proactive Tools

Set up alerts for specific events, such as workers spending too much time servicing a well, entering a dangerous area or are becoming exposed to hazardous gases. Panic buttons, colocation reports, broadcast messages and late check-in alerts improve safety and provide peace of mind.
Prepare better and react quicker to the inherent dangers of the job. Through our advanced GPS trackers, equipment tracking is a breeze.

Track your fleet, assets and staff
Anywhere on Earth

linxio GPS fleet management solutions provide total visibility for your people, vehiclesand equipment, no matter how remote the job site or rugged the terrain. Our GIS map layers allow you to see all your assets in relation to key site locations, such as wells, pipelines and other landmarks.
Add layers for weather and traffic or include a satellite view to see the big picture andall the important details within it.


Choose a Solution that Not Only Tracks your Vehicles, but Offers a
Complete Fleet, Staff and Asset Management Solution

Fleet Maintenance

You no longer need to inspect vehicles bywalking around. Set reminders for any type of service andchoose reminder triggers: distance driven, motor hours, days since last service check/repairment.
Manage all repair cost in a single dashboard. Quickly add information about repair events, add additional notes and invoices. Oversee expirationdates of important documents and create convenient reminders.

Increased Productivity

The linxio GPS fleet management software makes it easier than ever to manage people and equipment stationed at remote job sites or moving around in the field.
Our advanced tools turn huge volumes of location data into smart and actionable plans, helping you schedule more effectively, plan for capacity and boost asset utilization.

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