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The DC2AI Dash Camera automatically uploads HD video footage to the Linxio Cloud. With live scene analysis and a built-in speaker for driver coaching, the DC2AI is purpose-built to reduce high-risk behaviors, like distracted driving and harsh driving, lower safety-related costs, and provide deep visibility into fleet operations.

  • 4G LTE Connectivity for live streaming
  • 2CH Front facing & Driver Facing HD Cameras
  • High Gain Internal GPS & LTE Antennas
  • AI Facial Recognition to monitor distracted driving
  • Built-in triple-axis accelerometer for driver behavior
  • Low Power Consumption with backup battery
  • Lockable SD card to prevent tampering of evidence

Live Streaming

You're in the passenger seat with live streaming of the road and driver available to view on the Linxio platform and mobile apps.

Cloud Storage

Never lose your data, with automatic upload to the Linxio cloud we keep a backup of your video files on the cloud, so you can access them anytime.

High Definition

1080p front and driver facing cameras with industry leading quality and night vision capabilities, this camera records clear footage both day and night.

LTE Connectivity

The Linxio DC2AI dash camera connects to the cloud using the latest 4G LTE network, meaning your devices are future-proofed.

GPS Fleet Tracking

More than just a dash camera, the Linxio DC2AI also acts as a GPS powered tracking device, with live location updates to the Linxio platform.

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Driver Behaviour

Monitor and alert on harsh behavior events such as harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and exceeding the speed limit.

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Live Streaming

Stream live video footage directly from the Linxio platform available on both desktop web app and smartphone apps.

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Distraction Alerts

Improve driver safety with a combination of in-cab voice alerts, driver rankings, and HD video-based coaching tools.

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Linxio uses embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and g-force accelerometer data to detect and audibly alert drivers to high-risk behaviors and incidents in real-time.

Real-time analysis with preventative in-cab driver alerts

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In-Cabin Alerts
In-Cabin Alerts
In-Cabin Alerts

Protect your drivers against false claims and increase driver retention

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In-Cabin Alerts
In-Cabin Alerts
In-Cabin Alerts


Technical Specifications

Class leading telematics technology, designed in Sydney Australia.

Data Inputs

CANbus / Diagnositcs Interface


J1939 (type 1 and 2)

J1708 (non-diagnostic, power only)


Advanced positioning system simultaneously reads from multiple independent satellite systems including GPS and GLONASS global navigation satellite systems.

Internal antenna for discreet installation. Optional external antenna available for non-standard mounting configurations.

Industry leading -162 dBm sensitivity with 1 second time-to-fix (hot start).

IoT Sensors

Compatible with a range of Bluetooth sensors such as temperature, humidity, light, door Sensors, Driver ID Fobs, and panic buttons.

Auxiliary Inputs

1 × digital input to monitor igntion status

1 x digital output to control a relay, or use with buzzer

Wireless Connectivity

Cellular Data

4G CAT M1 / NB-IoT cellular connectivity.

FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B12/B13/B17/B25/B28

Data Security

All Internet connectivity secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption (military-grade).

Offline Storage

Built-in flash memory logs data when Internet connectivity is unavailable.


Power Consumption

Vehicle on: 0.10a typical power draw.

Vehicle off: 0.05a sleep mode.

Input Power

Between 8V and 30V vehicles via diagnostic port connection or direct wiring harness.

Backup Battery

Battery-powered tamper detection sends alert if gateway is unplugged or power is interrupted.



87mm x 35mm x 13.5mm



Operating Temperature

30℃ ~ +80℃ ( 22°F ~ 176°F)

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