GPS Trackers Perth Wide By Linxio

Linxio offers a wide range of GPS trackers Perth wide for complete end to end fleet management, real-time fleet vehicle tracking, asset management, job management and field service solutions, driver safety and fatigue management solutions and refrigerated transport temperature monitoring.

GPS Trackers Perth

Linxio has tracking devices that help in complete fleet management solutions and asset services.

With Our Advanced GPS Trackers, you get:

  • Real-Time Vehicle Track & Trace,
  • Multiple Vehicle Support.
  • Geo-fencing Capabilities.
  • Driver Behaviour Assist.
  • Equipment Track & Management.
  • Fuel Card Integration.
  • Smartphone & Desktop Interface Support.
  • Digitised Logbooks Assist.
  • DashCam Integration

Our most sought after device variants include:

  • For Fleet Management Solutions: TR500, TR800, VX60
  • For Asset Management Solutions: AT12, AT12
  • For Personale Solutions: PN40

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Benefits that you get with tracking solutions by Linxio:

For Private Vehicle Users:
  • Knowing the exact location of the car in real-time 24/7, for enhanced peace of mind.
  • Automated alerts and notifications triggered if the vehicle is moved or leaves the designated geofence.
  • Reduction in car insurance through insurance companies.
For Commercial Vehicle|Fleet Business Owners:
  • Real-time vehicle tracking across the globe
  • Driver management and fatigue management
  • Scheduled delivery and dispatch automation
  • Round the clock support
  • Fleet maintenance that includes pre-start checklists and digitised logbooks
  • Field services support that includes customer and driver communication
  • Labour and fuel cost reduction through route optimisation and fuel card integration
  • Geofencing setup with custom alert and notification setup Asset tracking and management through asset trackers
  • Digitised reporting with reports that can be generated on weekly, monthly or an annual basis
  • Protection against false claims
  • Theft prevention and recovery
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lowered carbon footprint per vehicle
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and brand reputation

Our commercial GPS solutions for targeted across fleet management businesses that intend to make the most of automation and vehicle tracking in order to boost operational efficiency, profitability and enhance ROI.

Our devices are versatile and can be installed easily on vehicles across different makes and types.

The fleet management software is a cloud-based entity that can be accessed both via a desktop interface or through a smartphone via a mobile app built for both android and iOS platforms.

Apart from fleet management solutions, Linxio also offers full HD 1080P dual channel dash cams with in-build track & trace solution alongside fuel card solution through collaboration with our fuel fleet card partners.

Some of our honourable fleet partners include bhpbilliton, Downer, caradvice, NEWMONT, St. John Ambulance, COMLINK and SOUTH32 among others.

What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is an electronic navigational device which is generally powered by or utilises the global positioning satellite system to track the location of a vehicle in real-time, be it a person, car or any other locomotive for that matter.

The device is usually integrated into the vehicle or carried by a person so that the latter can be tracked accurately. The location which is recorded onto the device is transmitted via cellular or satellite modem embedded in the tracker.

To learn more, book a live demo or get a 30 day free trial on all our fleet solutions including GPS trackers Perth wide.

GPS Trackers Perth

What makes up a GPS Tracker?

Based on the type, a tracking device can have or omit modules depending upon the usage requirement.
Broadly, trackers are broken down into 5 categories, namely;

Data Loggers:

These devices log the position or the location coordinates of the device on the internal memory that can be later accessed through downloadable data.

Data Pushers:

These devices are the most common type of GPS trackers widely used. These devices usually transmit the data in the form of location, along with information about other on-board diagnostics to a designated server at regular intervals.

Data Pullers:

Unlike data pushers, data pullers are always on and can transmit data as often as one wants to. Data pullers are more commonly used in conjugation with devices with a GPS receiver module and a cellular network that can be triggered by sending a message wirelessly to it.

Convert Trackers:

These are your regular trackers being put to use in everyday life. The only catch here is that these trackers are designed in a particular manner so that they mimic regular objects.

Vehicle OBD Trackers:

OBD trackers can be easily plugged into the on-board diagnostics of a vehicle. The unit is powered by the obd unit present on the vehicle. Additionally, OBD trackers communicate with other sub-systems of the on-board diagnostics to obtain data about vehicle performance, fuel consumption among other things.

What are the applications Of GPS trackers?

  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Personal Tracking
  • Driver Tracking, Driver Safety & Management
  • Job Management

Which Industries can benefit from GPS trackers?

  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Delivery & Dispatch Services
  • Healthcare & Emergency Services
  • Vehicle & Equipment Rental Services
  • Farming, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Private & Government Defence Sector

What type of GPS devices does Linxio offer?

Linxio offers a wide range of high-quality tracking devices to suit all budgets and requirements, from the low-cost TR500 vehicle tracker to the AT36 standalone tracker with impressive 8-year battery life.

  • Tracking devices for fleet management
  • Tracking devices for asset management
  • Tracking devices for personal tracking

Still, need to learn more about GPS tracking and learn how Linxio can help businesses boost profits and offer customised solutions to run fleets better.

Give us a call to book a free demo and enjoy our 30 days free trial with a money-back guarantee.

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Why choose Linxio as your GPS Fleet Management Provider?

Latest 4G Technology

We only use the latest 4G GPS devices to future-proof your business.

Real-time Tracking

Data is updated in real-time, not every 5+ minutes like some other companies.

Constantly updated

Our software is ever evolving, constantly updated with new and innovating features.

Highly Secure

Highly secure, penetration tested software with 256bit military grade encryption.

Lifetime Warranty

We believe our hardware is the highest quality available and stand by a lifetime warranty.

No Contracts

No contracts with our software plans mean we work hard to keep your business

Best Price Guarantee

We will not be beaten on price for and will beat any quote for a  comparable product.

We're Trusted

Over 1500+ companies trust Linxio from large multi-nationals to small business owners.

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