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GPS tracking is the method of tracking the location or whereabouts of an asset which may include a vehicle, a person or a piece of equipment.

Linxio offers a wide range of GPS tracking devices for complete fleet management, real-time fleet vehicle tracking, asset tracking & management, job management and field service solutions, driver safety and behaviour and refrigerated transport temperature monitoring.


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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS tracking is the method of tracking the location or whereabouts of an asset which may include a vehicle, a person or a piece of equipment.

GPS tracking utilises the GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System. This network exploits a number of satellites that communicate through microwave signals which are in turn relayed to a GPS device to know the location, time, duration and speed of an asset or vehicle that is being tracked.

A GPS tracking software is generally employed to render the recorded data and the software translates the logged location data in forms of dots on a map. With the software, it’s quite easy to determine the route history, track a vehicle in real-time and determine the estimated time of arrival based on the asset’s location data.

A GPS tracking system helps in tracking the precise location of the given asset can be tracked using a dynamically generated map interface.

GPS tracking isn't entirely free since it involves usage of a mobile data connection that is offered as a paid service by a telecom operator to send location data of an asset or a vehicle to end-user.

GPS tracking as a solution is permitted in workplaces as long as it doesn't invade privacy and infringe or violate any workplace laws applicable to the given country.

The GPS network exploits a number of satellites that communicate through microwave signals which are in turn relayed to a GPS device to know the location, time, duration and speed of an asset or vehicle that is being tracked. Thus, the system is highly accurate, precise and updates location data in real-time.

Usually, a plug and play GPS tracking device is placed under the dashboard of a car. The device can also be hardwired for added safety and security.

GPS tracking helps fleet businesses save more on labour and fuel through real-time vehicle tracking, end-to-end fleet management, automated delivery and dispatch, along with historic data reporting and custom alerts and notifications about assigned drivers and vehicles.

GPS Tracking requires data networks to transmit precise location turn by turn. The only reason you might find an error in GPS tracking is due to lack of network coverage in a particular area or in locations that are underground and beyond the reach of satellite tracking.

Generally, a standard GPS tracking device can as small as the size of a Tim Tam, Australia's most loved chocolate biscuit.

It is illegal to block or tamper with a GPS tracking device, based on the laws for the applicable country. However, a GPS blocker can be used to override a GPS signal based on its strength. The use of GPS blocker is subject to laws applicable to the corresponding country.

GPS tracking requires the use of both hardware and software for proper functioning. The hardware constitutes the GPS tracking device that is placed on a vehicle or an asset that requires tracking whereas the tracking software installed on a phone via a data-enabled app is used to tracking the location of the vehicle or the known asset.

GPS tracking enhances security, safety and accessibility of vehicles or tracked assets. The data shared is protected by an unhackable encrypted network. The location data for the tracked vehicle or an asset is only accessible to the registered end-user that elevates better protection and trust.

GPS tracking is the method of tracking the location or whereabouts of an asset which may include a car, a person or a piece of equipment. A car fitted with a tracker device is accompanied by a GPS receiver and a wireless transmitter which might be a 4G activated cellular sim card that transmits the recorded location at predesignated intervals to a remote data server, thus, telling you the exact location of the tracked vehicle.

We at Linxio have a varied range of GPS tracking devices based on your business needs which include fleet management, asset tracking and personnel tracking. Please get in touch with our executives to get the best prices on the market.

You can visit linxio.com and click on check pricing to submit your details so that one of our executives can reach out to you to assist you with procuring GPS trackers for your business fleet vehicles.

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Linxio offers a wide range of high-quality tracking devices to suit all budgets and requirements, from the low-cost TR500 vehicle tracker to the AT36 standalone tracker with impressive 8-year battery life.


  • Tracking devices for fleet management
  • Tracking devices for asset management
  • Tracking devices for personal tracking

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Advanced Features of our GPS Trackers

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking,
  • Multiple Vehicle Support.
  • Geo-fencing Capabilities.
  • Driver Behaviour Assist.
  • Equipment Tracking & Management.
  • Fuel Card Integration.
  • Smartphone & Desktop Interface Support.
  • Digitised Logbooks Assist.
  • Dash Cam Integration

Our most sought after GPS trackers:

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Benefits you get with GPS trackers

GPS trackers to suit all personal and business requirements, no matter your industry or needs, Linxio has you covered.

For Private Vehicle Users:


Personal Benefits

  • Knowing the exact location of the car in real-time 24/7, for enhanced peace of mind.
  • Automated alerts and notifications triggered if the vehicle is moved or leaves the designated geofence.
  • Reduction in car insurance through insurance companies.

Our commercial GPS solutions for targeted across fleet tracking and management businesses that intend to make the most of automation and vehicle tracking in order to boost operational efficiency, profitability and enhance ROI.

Our tracking devices are versatile and can be installed easily on vehicles across different makes and types.

The fleet management software is a cloud-based entity that can be accessed both via a desktop interface or through a smartphone via a mobile app built for both android and iOS.

For Business Owners:


Business Benefits

  • Real-time vehicle tracking across the globe
  • Driver management and fatigue management
  • Scheduled delivery and dispatch automation
  • Round the clock support
  • Fleet maintenance that includes pre-start checklists and digitised logbooks
  • Field services support that includes customer and driver communication
  • Labour and fuel cost reduction through route optimisation and fuel card integration
  • Geofencing setup with custom alert and notification setup
  • Asset tracking and management through asset trackers
  • Digitised reporting with reports that can be generated on weekly, monthly or an annual basis
  • Protection against false claims
  • Theft prevention and recovery
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lowered carbon footprint per vehicle
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and brand reputation

A complete fleet management
software solution



• Live vehicle tracking
• Trip & stop history
• Geofence alerts

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• Fault code monitoring
• Paperless Inspections
• Usage-based maintenance

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• Theft detection
• Utilisation reporting
• Cargo and temperature

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• Wireless IoT Sensors
• Live temperature alerts
• Lifetime historical logs

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• Distracted driving detection
• In-cab coaching alerts
• Automatic incident upload

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• Route optimisation
• Proof of delivery (POD's)
• Dispatch to Driver App

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• Driver & vehicle documents
• Centralised record-keeping
• Expiration alerts and report

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• FTC, FBT, ATO certified
• Works with iOS or Android
• Centralised visibility

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