Fleet Plus

Get started with the basics, where are your vehicles, and where have they been.

The essential features most commonly used in vehicle tracking.

This plan includes features to maximise your fleet and teams efficiency.


Included in the plan price is the rental of a commercial grade 4G/5G Ready GPS tracking device with warranty covering the life of your contract

Linxio GPS devices use a global 4G/5G Cat-M1 telematics network with over 300 networks supported.

How often the GPS device is uploading location data to the cloud, in other words, how “Live” is Live tracking

How long do you need to keep your valuble data safe in the cloud?

How many users can you add to your account who can view and manage your fleet

Segmenting your users into groups, and creating custom permissions for each team to restrict access to certain features

How do you want to receive alerts from the system? We have SMS, email, and in-app push notifications

Main Platform

World-class cloud based web application accessable on any web browser such as Google Chrome

Manage your fleet, team and assets while on the go with the Linxio mobile app, available on both iOS and Android

Keep a close eye on the whereabouts of your entire fleet, and monitor their movements in real-time

Draw the historical trips and stops of a vehicle on the map, to see the exact route that was taken

Manage your fleets details such as make, model, year and much more, to get a complete overview of your vehicles

Manage your drivers details such as name, email, phone, and much more, for a central place for all driver data

Draw areas on the map, add them into groups, and generate alerts and reports based on entering or exiting those areas

Create alert events and notifications for any activity, such as speeding, driving volations, and much more

Classify trips as business or private, using the driver app, or on the web application to generate reports on business usage

Keep a centralised location for all documents pertaining to your drivers and vehicles, such as licences, certificates, insurance, etc

Manage maintenance schedules for your fleet using service reminders, and keep track of service logs, repairs, and expenses

Monitor driving styles with a driving behaviour scoreboard, monitoring harsh acceleration, cornering, braking, and speeding

Create customised inspection forms for your drivers to complete, and manage faults by automatically creating a repair schedule

Import fuel data from your supplier to automatically assign fuel fillings to vehicles, and get alerts for any potential fuel fraud


Summary of all vehicle activities for a selected period of time, such as total distance, number of stops, and more

Detailed report of all trips for a selected period of time, with details on trip time, distance, driver, odometer readings, and more

Reporting on geofences, when vehicles entered or exited from those areas, and also how long vehicles spent inside those areas

With an ATO class ruling, you will be able to generate multiple types of FBT reports to submit for FBT claims

Reporting of harsh events that occured during the selected time such as harsh braking, cornering, acceleration and speeding

With the help of the fuel card integration, we can generate reports on how much fuel was consumed withiun a particular period

List of service reminders that are currently scheduled for action, with countdown of when the services are due

list of all completed inspection forms, with completed fields and details on passed or failed items

Data on temperature, humidity and light sensor data with a graph and data table report format

Addon Modules

Available on Essentials, or Plus plans

Keep all team communication centralised with the Linxio team chat feature, available on both desktop and mobile apps

Additional $5/month, per user

Manage and maintain assets that do not have a GPS device, virtually, or through an IoT tracking beacon

Additional $2.50/month, per asset

Clients choose an outright purchase or rental of a commercial grade 4G Dashcam, with live streaming and cloud storage.

Additional $40/month, per vehicle

Add IoT sensors to your account such as temperature, humidity, and light sensors, or Bluetooth tracking beacons

Additional $2.50/month, per user

Create jobs, optimise routes, and dispatch directly to your drivers phones, with navigation and proof of delivery (POD) features

Additional $30/month, per vehicle

Automate manual paperwork and drive efficiency with customised digital forms yo8ur your team, all accessible in the Linxio app

Additional $5/month, per user

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