How Linxio Helps
Transportation Companies

There’s more to GPS fleet management software than
just fleet tracking.


Invest in a solution that understands the challenges you face – from staying compliant with industry mandates and route restrictions to keeping costs low, improving navigation and driving safety.

Reduce Compliance Headaches

Don’t let regulatory compliance slow you down. Automate Electronic Work Diaries (EWD), Pre-Start Check-Lists and FBT Logbooks to keep your operation legal, drivers safe and compliant. Commercial trucking fleets need to keep up with rapidly changing legislation. It’s a lot to keep up with so it makes sense to streamline and automate as much as possible.

Maintenance & Fuel Integration

We can give you the tools and actual driving data you need to encourage a reduced fuel spend across your entire fleet. Secure fuel card integration – 
Fuel card fraud protection to prevent theft. Report on a vehicle’s fuel economy to identify fuel waste. Coach drivers to be smart about fuel use. Minimize unnecessary idling. Reduce out-of-route miles or unauthorized use. 


Owner/Operator, Long Haul, For-hire

Carriers and Distributors.

Job Management & Dispatch

Commercial drivers face challenges on the job every day. You can make their job less stressful by providing them with the very best navigation tools.
Help them get to their destination safer and more efficiently than ever before with route guidance that uses the most accurate map, weather, road and event data available.
Capture customer signatures, take before and after photos and give clients ability to track their deliveries.

Driver Behaviour Scorecards

Get a complete overview of your fleets driving behaviour with our dedicated driver behaviour module.
See your drivers ranked from A (the highest) to G (the lowest) in categories from speeding to harsh braking or cornering. Create individual driver reports to see in-depth their strong and weak points, including the percentage and number of incidents. Compare their overall score with previous ones.

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