About Our Company

Linxio is a GPS Tracking and fleet management software provider with an international presence that specialises in GPS based fleet, asset and team management solutions. Our focus is on optimising vehicle fleets and workflows to help our customers reduce costs and increase revenue.

Our expertise is in sales, service and R&D. We offer a wide range of standard solutions, but also provide tailored solutions for individual needs. We excel in being a professional and service minded business partner and supplier.

The solutions offered by Linxio ensure that all daily routines regarding your fleet are automated and provide an easy and clear access to important data and statistics. We provide quality, safety and efficiency in everyday life, and we have lots of experience we would like to share.

Some of the main features that sets Linxio apart from the competition is offering a complete end to end solution that can revolutionise the way you do business, utilising the latest in 4G LTE technology and software with world class user and interface and user experience, we keep your business connected and synced with the cloud.


Founded in 2013 by Matthew Talia, from humble beginnings working for his father’s distribution business and not being able to find the right fleet management software in the market that was affordable, yet powerful enough to solve the complexities of running a large mobile workforce, started developing his own software platform and a highly specced telematics device manufactured to his exact specifications.

That software quickly became an integral part of the business that positively impacted the efficiency and productivity so much that customers were regularly asking if the system could be installed in their fleet, so much so that matthew decided to start a company called “Ready Track” and licence the product to other companies.

It wasn’t long before Ready Track became so busy that he had to resign from his father’s company and take his company to the masses.

Fast forward to today, the company has evolved from a basic GPS tracking system to a full 360 fleet management platform encompassing fleet management, job management, driver compliance and safety tools, to digitalisation of workflows and integrations into 3rd party software, subsequently rebranded the company to Linxio.

With over 1500 valued clients and a presence in 5 countries, supplying solutions to small businesses to the largest industry fleets and government organisations, Linxio’s future is bright and ever evolving, with core values unchanged but product ever evolving.

Core values



Understanding & Expertise

Support & Team work

Technology & Innovation


Understanding the complexities that every company has, and offering solutions that they never knew were possible. Though highly educated team members here at Linxio, we strive to achieve the highest customer service and love helping businesses grow.


Connecting your fleet, team and assets to a unified platform with insightful data to help you run a more efficient business through the latest technology and innovation.

Key Personnel

Matthew Talia

Chief Executive Officer

Carla Talia

Chief Operations Officer

Dennis Papadatos

Head of Sales APAC

Salahuddin Ahmed

Head of Sales MENA

Sergey Pukhaev

Chief Technology Officer

Nilesh Maghzine

Marketing Manager

Alexander Esterman

Technical Support Manager

Paul Palanjian

Customer Success Manager

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