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Start tracking your fleet’s metrics with Linxio’s free tools, templates and downloads.

Ready to implement a Fleet Management System?

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Fuel Log Spreadsheet

Manage the fuel expenses for your business fleet, a central spreadsheet for calculating fuel filling, fuel economy, and highlighting potential fuel theft.

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Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your vehicles maintained results in a better performing fleet, and ultimately, a more productive team.


Do away with paper and pen, our free digital vehicle inspection form is a perfect first step to digitise your business processes. 


What is the return on investment for implementing a telematics system within your business fleet? Use this handy calculator to find out.

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Work Order Template

Create digital work orders for fleet related works to be completed.

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Fleet Maintenance Log

Keep a digital record of all vehicle related maintenance or repair expenses in a beautifully designed workable spreadsheet.

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