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At Linxio, our future is rooted in helping businesses unleash their potential by building tools that inspire collaboration and facilitate growth —If you’re benefiting from our system we would love for you to help us get the word out.

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We believe the best form of marketing is word of mouth, and when our happy customers refer their friends, we know we’re doing something right. To that end, we are offering great benefits for all.

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$25 for every vehicle

Complete the form below and we will reach out to your friend and pitch the Linxio system, if they love it as much as you do and decide to come onboard, you get $25 credit for every vehicle they sign up.

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$25 off every vehicle!

Because you were kind enough to refer your friend, we will provide them with a great introductory offer which includes $25 credit for each vehicle on their account for any software plan they choose.

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