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Linxio has partnered with WEX Motorpass, which is one of the most widely accepted fuel-fleet card providers in Australia to offer exclusive discounts and partner benefits. The Linxio/WEX Motorpass card comes with a discount on your fuel purchases, discounted administration fees, and a direct integration with the Linxio software platform, allowing you to keep a centralised source for all fleet data.


Enjoy the benefits of the Linxio/WEX Motorpass fuel card, accepted at over 93% of service stations, it is one of Australia’s most widely accepted fuel cards.


You are always in control, with integrated data, fuel monitoring reports, secure PIN's and the ability to set product and/or transaction controls.


Keep time on your side and your wallet in your pocket with flexible payment options and exclusive discounts and partner benefits.


It’s only natural that something you use at a ‘service’ station, should come with the excellent service. And that's exactly what you get with Linxio.

linxio corporate fuel card

Anywhere you are. ™

Enjoy the benefits of Linxio/WEX Motorpass, Australia’s most widely accepted fuel-fleet card.

“Anywhere you are.’ is a trademark of WEX Australia Pty Ltd ABN 68 005 970 570”

Widely Accepted

Access to 6000+ fuel sites which equates to 93% of fuel sites across Australia

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Roadside Assistance

Offer the optional service of roadside assistance to your drivers.

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Fuel Discounts

Fuel discount of 4c off per litre at BP and 2c off per litre at PUMA Petrol Stations Nationwide.

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Unified Billing

Access to 5,800+ non-fuel sites for servicing, tyres and other related services.

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Get a response in up to 60 seconds.
If approved, get a card in 5-7 business days.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • $4.95(ex GST) per card per month
  • Fuel discount of 4c/l at BP and 2c/l at PUMA
  • Access to 5,800+ non-fuel sites for servicing, tyres and other related services
  • Optional Roadside Assistance on the card for an additional annual fee of $99(ex GST)*

WEX Motorpass cards are accepted at over 93% of the fuel sites across Australia. In addition, they can be used for
payment with non fuel merchants for serving , tyre change, parking and other related services. More details on
acceptance can be found here:

Customised options are available however the standard card controls are:
- Fuel and oil only (F/O)
- All vehicle expenses (A/V)
- All products (ALL)

You should receive your cards within 4-7 working days following approval of your account.

Cards do not need to be activated and customers can start using them as soon as they arrive, unless a PIN is required on the card, then the PIN will need to be set before first use.

If you do not pay your account in full by the due date, you are in default and we may charge your account a late payment charge. The late payment charge is an administration fee on the overdue amount, refer to for more information.
If you cannot pay your account by the due date please call us on 1300 366 109.

You can pay your WEX Motorpass account by:
- Direct Debit
- Cheque (written to WEX Australia Pty Ltd)
- Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa @ 1.3% surcharge & Amex @ 2.1% surcharge)

WEX Motorpass has 4 billing cycles in a calendar month, the start dates of which are every 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

For monthly billing allow 5 weeks worth of usage (4 weeks for billing and 7 days until payment is made)

Yes, transaction limits can be tailored for each card with different card controls set on each card or controls can be
applied at an account level to create the same controls across all cards.

Each time the card is used outside of the set limit the account holder will receive an email to inform them of the
attempted or actual breach. If the account holder has opted to decline transactions that do not adhere to the card
limits, the transaction will decline at the point of sale.

Yes. The card fee will be applied every month that the account is open.

When a card with mandatory odometer reading is swiped for the first time at the service station, the system will

prompt the service station attendant to record the odometer reading. This becomes the initial reading and is shown on the invoice accordingly.

Only Woolworths Rewards shopper dockets are accepted and can be used in conjunction with the WEX Motorpass cards. Please note that Coles shopper dockets are not accepted.

You can cancel your card online by logging into your account or by calling us on 1300 366 109.

Fleet Card Integration

Commercial fuel fleet cards are designed keeping business fleet vehicles in mind that seek to avoid percentage charges on credit card transactions including theft risk. The ideal case scenario for companies using fuel fleet cards are the ones that invest heavily on vehicles like transport, haulage and courier services.

Such companies target fuel fleet cards to attain significant and notable savings on current fuel price and operational costs. However, in a generic scenario, a fuel-fleet card can provide fuel at wholesale price as opposed to standard retail. Depending on how frequently a fuel fleet card is used, substantial savings apply when deemed usable.

Centralise your fleet data
Alert on misuse of cards
Integrated trip and fuel reporting
gps tracking
Fuel Usage Tracking

Fuel Consumption Reporting

Fleets that implement the use of fleet cards tend to develop systems that help keep the fuel consumption low through route optimisation and synchronised delivery and dispatch.

A fleet management software integrated with a fleet card makes the best use of data collated and puts it to good use to run fleet vehicles more efficiently.

Tracking fuel consumption through a fleet management software is driven by several factors that include the type of fuel being put into vehicles, cost of fuel being bought, the amount of fuel being put into a given vehicle, the current odometer reading on the vehicle in question, the driver ID and the time and the location of the fuel purchase.

Report on fuel costs for any time period
Monitor fuel economy of vehicles

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