Linxio and Fleetio Integration Helps Amplify Automated Vehicle Maintenance

Nilesh Maghzine

Fleetio’s integration with Linxio will help fleet businesses save more on vehicle maintenance through automated notifications on vehicle health that will enable associated fleet managers to understand when the service vehicles are due for maintenance.


This system helps keep the vehicles running healthy and helps businesses omit expensive fleet vehicle repairs. The automated vehicle maintenance system also helps fleet managers/owners make informed decisions about promoting fleet vehicle productivity and efficiency.



The Benefits

  • Automated vehicle maintenance monitoring that helps you skip the manual and arduous paperwork
  • Helps maintain the fleet vehicles in good health, by keeping the repair costs low, which ensures that all operational vehicles have a positive impact on the bottom-line
  • The solution helps prioritise maintenance at the right time for the right fleet vehicle
  • Reduction in fleet vehicle operational costs and maintenance downtime



Features Offered

  • Get real-time on-board odometer updates. Data on-board the vehicle is directly sent to Fleetio which can be analysed by the fleet manager for better insights
  • Automate service reminders using current vehicle data. Setup custom alerts and notifications to remind fleet managers and drivers to trigger vehicle maintenance trips which may include tasks like oil change, tyre rotations among others
  • Track fleet vehicles in real-time through GPS tracking, promote asset security and optimise routes based on the area of operation
  • Safely store and secure necessary vehicle documentation of the fleet vehicles with ease
  • Easily create, customise and amend digitised vehicle inspection and maintenance forms or checklists, making it simple for fleet managers to analyse and report on current vehicle health
  • Work order tracking through automated integration helps with repair updates at every stage so that fleet managers can estimate the time out of service at regular intervals


To learn more about the features and benefits of Linxio fleet management system, please visit www.linxio.com



More About Fleetio

Fleetio is the simple alternative to spreadsheets and outdated fleet software — designed to help you automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.



About Linxio

Linxio is the leading fleet management and GPS tracking solutions provider that helps fleet businesses improve productivity, customer service, reduce fuel and labour costs and boost scheduling delivery and dispatch by leveraging location-based technology & advanced data-driven telematics.



Discover more by giving us a call or get a 30 day free trial on all our fleet solutions.

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