Fuel Tax Credit Solutions (FTC) Made Simple

by Jan 10, 2020INFORMATION

Fuel tax credits provide businesses with credit for fuel tax that’s included in the price of the fuel used in plant machinery, heavy vehicles and equipment including light vehicles

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The amount of fuel tax excise credit earned depends on several factors that include how fuel was acquired, what use was the fuel put up to and the type of activity employed towards fuel consumption.

Depending on the nature of the business, be it manufacture or import, the tax excise or customs can be tracked through a generic ATO app with the continuing connection.

When it comes to light vehicles which are travelling on public roads or off roads or on private routes come under specific considerations based on the fuel tax credit rates. This system only applies to a specific set of light vehicles and more information on this website can be found to work out your fuel tax.

For more information on fuel tax credit calculator, click here.

The FTC credits that a business can claim as a rebate should be eligible under the ATO ruling for excise or customs duty.

For heavy vehicles, if the gross vehicle mass is beyond 4.5 tonnes, an FTC claim can be made.

For light vehicles, if the gross vehicle mass is less than 4.5 tonnes, an FTC claim can be made.

The off-road FTC claim rate currently sits at approximately 41 cents to a litre whereas the on-road FTC claim rate currently stands at approximately 15 cents to a litre.

For a business to be eligible for fuel tax credits, the company has to be registered for both goods and services tax. The eligibility also depends on the type of fuel that is being used by the business.

The list of eligible fuels includes petrol, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, fuel oil, toluene, LPG also known as liquified petroleum gas, LNG, also known as liquified natural gas and CNG, also known as compressed natural gas.

Mostly, the eligible activities that fall under fuel tax credits claim are road transport among other businesses. Other businesses include agriculture, mining, construction, hospitality, fishing, manufacturing among others.

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