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When it comes to geofencing solutions, a geo-fence simply put is a perimeter setup virtually plotted in a real-world scenario over a designated geographical zone. A geo-fence can be dynamically generated predefined by a set of pinned boundaries.

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It is generally a location-based service in which the assigned software collates data acquired from a GPS device, an RFID tag and triggers an appropriate response when an asset either enters or leaves a demarked zone of isolation.

Based on how the given geofencing software has been designed, it alerts the end-user by sending across custom alerts or notifications.

Simply put, a geofencing software can be used to pinpoint a device or an asset’s location by creating a virtual fence or a boundary around it.

How Geofencing Solutions work?

For geofencing to work, a virtual fence or a boundary has to be set up around a specified location. This virtual fence can be as simple as a circle drawn over a digital map. The virtual fence once setup triggers an alert or a notification to the end-user once an alien entity enters the set perimeter or if the tracked asset is moved beyond the confines of the virtual fence

Areas of application:

  • In telematics, the end-use of a geofencing solutions system can enforce zones around the areas of work, secure locations and client sites.
  • Geofencing can be utilised in the asset location services to alert the end-user if the tracked asset has been moved from the identified zone.
  • Geofencing finds applications in the construction, oil, gas and mining industries where there might be a requirement for monitoring workers in specific locations, especially during field service work.
  • Geofencing also finds application in automobile security to set off an alert if a targeted vehicle is moved or falls prey to theft.
  • Geofencing finds application in agriculture to track live cattle.
  • Car rental companies use geofencing to enhance compliance with routes when a customer rents a car.


How Linxio Can Help With Geo-Fencing?

  • Erecting virtual fences around designated locales or end-user sites.
  • Customised alerts and notifications based on activity within the geofence.
  • Automated data generation for the tracked asset.
  • Improved fleet compliance.
  • Enhanced asset security.

Fleet Solutions Offered By Linxio:

  • Real-Time Commercial Vehicle Tracking
  • Integrated Multiple Vehicle Support
  • 4G Ready Advanced GPS Tracking Devices
  • Driver Behaviour & Tracking Assist
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Custom Alerts & Notification
  • Fuel Usage & Cost Tracking
  • Full HD 1080P dashcam integration
  • Dynamic API Assist
  • Scheduling & Dispatch Support
  • Asset & Heavy Equipment Tracking
  • Automated Reporting
  • Refrigerated transport temperature monitoring
  • Smartphone App & Desktop Interface

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