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by Jan 21, 2020TECHNOLOGY

When it comes to geofencing solutions, a geo-fence simply put is a perimeter setup virtually plotted in a real-world scenario over a designated geographical zone. A geo-fence can be dynamically generated predefined by a set of pinned boundaries.

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It is generally a location-based service in which the assigned software collates data acquired from a GPS device, an RFID tag and triggers an appropriate response when an asset either enters or leaves a demarked zone of isolation.

Based on how the given geofencing software has been designed, it alerts the end-user by sending across custom alerts or notifications.

Simply put, a geofencing software can be used to pinpoint a device or an asset’s location by creating a virtual fence or a boundary around it.

How Geofencing Solutions work?

For geofencing to work, a virtual fence or a boundary has to be set up around a specified location. This virtual fence can be as simple as a circle drawn over a digital map. The virtual fence once setup triggers an alert or a notification to the end-user once an alien entity enters the set perimeter or if the tracked asset is moved beyond the confines of the virtual fence

Areas of application:

  • In telematics, the end-use of a geofencing solutions system can enforce zones around the areas of work, secure locations and client sites.
  • Geofencing can be utilised in the asset location services to alert the end-user if the tracked asset has been moved from the identified zone.
  • Geofencing finds applications in the construction, oil, gas and mining industries where there might be a requirement for monitoring workers in specific locations, especially during field service work.
  • Geofencing also finds application in automobile security to set off an alert if a targeted vehicle is moved or falls prey to theft.
  • Geofencing finds application in agriculture to track live cattle.
  • Car rental companies use geofencing to enhance compliance with routes when a customer rents a car.


How Linxio Can Help With Geo-Fencing?

  • Erecting virtual fences around designated locales or end-user sites.
  • Customised alerts and notifications based on activity within the geofence.
  • Automated data generation for the tracked asset.
  • Improved fleet compliance.
  • Enhanced asset security.

Fleet Solutions Offered By Linxio:

  • Real-Time Commercial Vehicle Tracking
  • Integrated Multiple Vehicle Support
  • 4G Ready Advanced GPS Tracking Devices
  • Driver Behaviour & Tracking Assist
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Custom Alerts & Notification
  • Fuel Usage & Cost Tracking
  • Full HD 1080P dashcam integration
  • Dynamic API Assist
  • Scheduling & Dispatch Support
  • Asset & Heavy Equipment Tracking
  • Automated Reporting
  • Refrigerated transport temperature monitoring
  • Smartphone App & Desktop Interface

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Want to find the best GPS tracking solution for your business?

Every business is unique, and your GPS fleet management requirement can be different compared to the shop owner across the street. Talk to a fleet management expert today to know your options. We will help you find the exact type of GPS tracking solution for your unique needs. We have GPS trackers to suit all budgets and requirements.


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