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No matter the size of your fleet vehicles,
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Real-time Vehicle Location & Activity

Track vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, increase worker productivity and encourage safer driving with Linxio GPS fleet tracking solutions and GPS vehicle trackers. Track with real-time GPS powered tracking devices, monitor driver behaviour and reduce fleet maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Smart alerts and data give you the status of your vehicles, drivers and assets to boost efficiency. Instantly locate nearest driver for the job, present accurate ETAs, optimise and regulate routes and ensure vehicle safety through active geofencing.

Journey Trails, Route History & Replays

Monitor drivers and avoid inefficient routes. Prevent time consuming detours. Get turn-by-turn replays on the routes taken, along with data points like speed, engine idling and driving behaviour. Integrate the system with our dashcams to see what your drivers are seeing. Our GPS fleet tracking system helps optimise routes in real time to make commutes more productive and efficient, helping drivers stay on schedule and also helps in reducing the overall cost of keeping fleet vehicles operational & functional.


Driver Behaviour
& Monitoring

A driver behaviour management system gives fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance in regard to speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering and speed. Using our smart algorithm, we calculate the total number of events over the total distance that was travelled during your selected time period, when we rate each driver with a number and an alphabetical score where A is the best and G is the worst. This leader board style reporting will be available for all drivers to see and battle co-workers for the top spot of safest driver.

Reporting & Fleet Data Analysis

Our GPS fleet tracking & management software empowers fleet managers and business owners get detailed insights about how well their fleet is performing. The live data generated helps you better manage your vehicles, drivers and assets and set benchmarks for optimal performance. The reports can be customised and automated based on need and easily accessible through our cloud based unified dashboard easily accessible through our desktop interface & smartphone app.


Asset Tracking & Equipment Security

Complete control over your assets using our GPS Asset Tracking & management software with live tracking, plus valuable data such as fuel levels and unauthorised usage. Track, tag and manage equipment, heavy assets, tools, trailers, containers and much more. Get complete visibility, set up geo fences and boost asset security. Capture real-time data with high gain antennas alongside a fully automated comprehensive reporting. Our Asset Management Software will bring your business unparalleled benefits. No matter the asset type, Linxio has you covered.

Critical Alerts & Live Asset Notifications

Be alerted every time your vehicle or an asset leaves the designated perimeter. Get automated notifications on your desktop and your smartphone app, on the move in real-time. Our GPS fleet tracking system run s 24/7 in the backend to keep your vehicle data secure and up-to-date so that easily access it anywhere and anytime. Live alerts and notifications are synced automatically across desktops, smartphones and IoT devices with ease. Do more with our fleet management software solutions.


Smart HD Dash Cams With Live Streaming

The Linxio range of commercial dash cameras are designed to meet the requirements of truck and fleet companies. with this system that outperforms many competitor models for quality and reliability. We offer a wide range of car dash cameras, including 4G/WIFi dashcam, integrated/external cameras and front/rear camera and our world-class DC2AI with driver fatigue alerts. Also, With the Linxio app, you are able to monitor your entire fleet with one application.

Desktop Interface & Smartphone App

Imagine the power of knowing where your fleet vehicles are, the routes shared between dispatch and delivery, the speeds of commute and driver alerts for better safety and coordination. All this and more from a unified dashboard for you updated in real-time, 24/7. The fleet management software helps you get real-time location updates, helps you monitor drivers, enhance asset and equipment safety and delivers valuable insights on the go.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, the Linxio platform is a modulated software so you can start with the basics, and add more functionality as your business requirements grow. 

While we recommend using a Linxio branded GPS tracking device for the ultimate accuracy and reliability, we understand that the reinvestment into new hardware may not fit within budget. in this case, we do have the ability to integrate almost any GPS tracking device, from any provider.

We give our clients lifetime cloud storage of their company data, as long as you are our customer, your data will be stored safely in our highly secure, mirrored data center.

No, our software is very intuitive, and has many automated tasks to help you run this software with minimal interaction. Such as automated reports, alerts, and notifications.

Pricing depends on a few things, such as your business requirements, fleet size, whether you purchase hardware outright, or go on a rental plan, etc. 

The best way to get all the information on pricing is to complete the form above for an obligation free quote

yes, we can offer customised hardware and software plans according to your exact requirements, and even have the scope for custom development to get you exactly what you need. Just contact us today for an obligation free consultation.

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