How GPS trackers can reduce vehicle accidents and speeding fines

by Jun 4, 2019Fleet Management

We all know that getting into a car to drive it is a risk. You’re putting your faith into the other road users who will be the ones to decide whether or not you have a good day or a bad one. People don’t realize that trying to avoid a car accident should be their number one priority on the road, but complacency is comfortable when you’re an experienced driver. Car accidents have a significant impact on our lives, and it’s not just about the lasting effect on insurance premiums; car accidents are life and death. If there is something that you could do to avoid a car accident, wouldn’t you want to do it?

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To be able to avoid car accidents, you need to remain vigilant on the road, sure. However, these are not the only ways to prevent accidents. GPS trackers could be the answer that you need. Not only are they the perfect answer to reducing vehicle accidents, but they can also help your staff to mitigate speeding fines, too. Let’s take a look as to how this works.

GPS Trackers & Reducing Vehicle Accidents

When you install GPS car trackers in your fleet vehicles, you can monitor the speed your fleet vehicles are going. When a company employee is allowed a car, they are representing the business as well as themselves, and if they are going to exceed the speeding limit and put themselves in a position where an accident is possible, fleet managers can be alerted immediately. You want to know that you have safe drivers in your fleet, and speeding drivers are not those who are careful about their safety on the road.


A GPS tracker can ensure that bad driving habits on the road are curbed, ensuring that their safety and the safety of others is put to the forefront of their mind. GPS tracking is also an excellent tool for stopping people from using their phones on the road. Distractions behind the wheel can kill, and fiddling with phones while driving is a distraction that can be halted with the use of GPS trackers. Many GPS devices have two-way hands-free communication options, and that means calls can be picked up, and directions can be given without hands needing to leave the steering wheel. Drivers are far less likely to be a part of – or cause – an accident if they are feeling calm.


With GPS devices in the car, you are given route information that is efficient and ensures less time is spent on the road. It’s also the perfect tool if an accident does occur and you need help on the side of the road – GPS trackers have an SOS button installed.

GPS Trackers & Reducing Speeding Fines

When you have a GPS tracker in the car, you can set up an alarm if nearing the speed limit, so that your drivers are aware of their own road habits. One of the top three causes of accidents and speeding fines is over speeding. Over speeding has killed many people on the road as well as provided many speeding penalties, and if this can be avoided, it absolutely should be! Fleet management can monitor speeding averages, and if the vehicle exceeds the limit, fleet management will know it right away and be able to deal with drivers who over speed with a company car.

Speeding fines that are handed out to those who go past the limit can be dealt with severely by management – but only if they are aware of the problem. It’s a big problem for companies when their drivers speed because if drivers are unsafe on the road, they’re risking accidents and speeding fines under company insurance – as well as risking lives on the road. Speeding tickets are not the only cost to think about, either, because each time drivers are caught speeding on the road by the authorities, points are added to their license. License points increase the possibility that insurance rates and costs skyrocket for the business. Too many speeding fines could lead to a loss of license, so not only will your driver have lost their license, they would have then lost their job; they cannot work without their driving license.


With GPS tracking, fleet management can be more informed about their driver habits. Speeding can be checked live in real-time, and you can even look through the history of your drivers through a three-month average.


Other ways you can keep your business operations safer include:

  • Driving behavior can be tracked and determine how your drivers handle the road
  • Vehicle engine blocking; this provides more security in emergency situations, which mean that you can block a vehicle’s engine. IT’s not possible when the car is on”, but can block it while it’s off, which works as an added safety measure.
  • Fuel control – this helps to ensure that your trucks are not driving erratically and wasting fuel, as your tracker can monitor fuel consumption.


Using GPS tracking in your vehicles is so much more than an exercise in safety. You can monitor speeding limits and offer incentives for safer drivers. You can weed out the employees who are willing to put others at risk on the road, and you can even reduce road pollution by being able to keep an eye on the more efficient driving routes and putting your drivers onto those. There are so many ways that GPS trackers can make your drivers’ lives easier, and you can do it without thinking too hard about it! Reducing car accidents and speeding fines will improve your business as well as improve your chances of having safe drivers on the road.


Researching the right GPS trackers for your business is essential, and you should ensure that you are doing everything possible to improve driver speeds and reduce accidents. The more you do, the better your business image, and the better your drivers behave on the road.


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