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Linxio has partnered with Gearbox to offer easy and scalable solutions to manage fleet maintenance and compliance across Australia. Gearbox manages any kind of asset that requires periodic maintenance, on or off-road, fixed or mobile plant and equipment.


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Gearbox is built specifically for maintenance and compliance. There's no need for you to build workflows, service scheduling logic, create driver apps or compliance reports. We’ve already done all of that for you.

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You don’t need a consultant or IT person to setup and manage gearbox. We help you from the start and as required to configure and get the most out of Gearbox for your business with ongoing support and training.

Industry knowledge

A B/500 hour services include all items in a A/250 hours. Only accredited vehicles appear in NHVAS/WAHVA reports. Prestart is a driver specific app for Prestart, Fault Reports, Fuel & Loadsheets.

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Real-time Vehicle Location & Activity

Track vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, increase worker productivity and encourage safer driving with Linxio fleet management solutions and GPS vehicle trackers. Track with real-time GPS tracking devices, monitor driver behaviour and reduce fleet maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Smart alerts and data give you the status of your vehicles, drivers and assets to boost efficiency. Instantly locate the nearest driver for the job, present accurate ETAs, optimise and regulate routes and ensure vehicle safety through active geofencing.


Asset Tracking & Management

We’ve the best asset trackers available on the current market. Along with GPS tracking and securing your assets, our tracking software also allows you to quickly and easily monitor your fuel levels and help lower labour costs. A12 is IP67 water rated 4G LTE GPS based device suitable for assets such as plant machinery & shipping containers. A12 S features in-built solar panel that keeps the unit constantly powered with no need to replace batteries.

Driving Behaviour & Monitoring

A driver behaviour management system gives fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance in regard to speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering and speed. Using our smart algorithm, we calculate the total number of events over the total distance that was travelled during your selected time period, when we rate each driver with a number and an alphabetical score where A is the best and G is the worst. This leader board style reporting will be available for all drivers to see and battle co-workers for the top spot of safest driver.


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