Linxio Vision 3.0

The Linxio Vision 3.0 is an advanced vehicle dashcam system that enhances fleet safety and performance. It integrates with Linxio’s software to provide live stream video footage from up to six cameras. This system also includes Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), offering a holistic view of driver behaviour and roadway conditions. With up to 1TB in-built storage, it’s designed to capture and store valuable data efficiently.

Live Streaming


Cloud Storage


Safety Analysis


Preventative Alerts

AD Plus 2.0 Cabin side_1

1920p road facing lens with 140° DFOV

Built-in AI with ADAS, DSC & DMS

Audible Voice alerts for driving events

Up to 6 cameras for the ultimate visibility

Face Recognition for Driver Identification

Quick Access Driver SOS Button

4G for live streaming & cloud storage

Up to 2TB of SD Card Capacity (2x1TB)

All in one design

The Linxio Vision Smart AI Dash Cam combines the power of telematics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing to create a powerful vehicle safety solution. It captures and analyses video footage and sensor information in real-time, identifying high-risk events both outside and inside the vehicle.

This all-in-one solution combines a telematics unit with real-time streaming video, a forward-facing ADAS camera and a driver-facing fatigue camera. You no longer have to fit multiple solutions into your trucks, buses, and light vehicles.

The forward-facing camera detects lane departure, forward collision, pedestrian collision, following too close, and overspeeding by reading speed signs. Our fatigue monitoring camera detects yawning, falling asleep, distraction, smoking, seatbelt, and phone usage of your truck drivers.

Multiple Options

Configure Linxio Vision to meet your exact requirements, and never settle for anything else

Road Facing Camera

Facing the road is a super high resolution 1920p camera with a 140° DFOV, with night vision and built-in ADAS capabilities.

Driver Facing Camera

Facing the driver is a 1080p camera with a wide angle 151° DFOV to capture the driver and passengers, with night vision and built-in DSC capabilities.

3rd Eye Event Monitor

Providing visual alerts for events such as speeding, lane departure & forward collision, enhancing driver awareness and promoting safer driving.

R-Watch (1)

DMS Fatigue Camera

DMS camera is equipped to handle microsleeping as it utilises a deep learning algorithm model and offers superior accuracy in detecting fatigue driving.

Seat Vibrator
External Camera
5 (1)
Blind Spot Detection
Mini Camera

The Most Advanced AI Camera

Finally a single dash cam that can do it all, with ultra high definition recording, up to 6 cameras, 2 terabytes of internal storage and facial recognition for automatic driver identification, look no further than Linxio Vision.

1920p road facing lens with 140° DFOV​

Built-in AI with ADAS, DSC & DMS​

Up to 6 cameras for the ultimate visibility​

Quick Access Driver SOS/Duress Button​

Facial Recognition for Driver Identification​

2 Terabytes of Internal Storage

Key Benefits of our Smart AI Dash Cams

All-In-One Solution

Linxio Vision provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for fleet management, combining advanced telematics, video recording, and driver safety features into a single integrated platform.

Enhanced Fleet Efficiency

By leveraging real-time data and insights from Linxio Vision, fleet managers can optimize routes, monitor driver performance, and reduce fuel consumption, leading to enhanced fleet efficiency and cost savings.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Vision can help fleets reduce insurance premiums by promoting safer driving behaviour, providing evidence in case of accidents, and demonstrating a commitment to risk mitigation.

Improve Driver Behaviour

Linxio Vision offers in-cab coaching alerts and comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring to actively promote safe driving habits and improve overall driver behaviour within your fleet.

Exonerate Drivers

In the event of accidents or disputes, Linxio Vision’s video evidence can exonerate drivers by providing clear, unbiased recordings of incidents, protecting their reputation and livelihood.

Customizable Reporting

Reporting tools are fully customizable, allowing fleet managers to tailor reports to their specific needs, track key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions.


Advanced Driving Assistance System

Linxio Vision offers an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance driver safety by providing real-time alerts and assistance for lane departure, collision avoidance, and more.

Forward Collision Warning Alerts

Headway Monitoring & Alerts

Pedestrian Collision Warnings

Lane Departure Warning Alerts

Speed Sign Detection & Alerts

Stop Sign Violations & Alerts
CL29 (1) copy


Driver Monitoring System

Linxio’s Driver Safety Camera (DSC) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS) actively monitors driver behaviour, ensuring safety compliance and reducing the risk of accidents through features like fatigue & distracted driving detection.

Seatbelt Usage & Audible Alerts

Distracted Driving & Audible Alerts

Smoking or Vaping e-cigarette Alerts

Phone in Hand / Usage & Alerts

Fatigue / Tired Driving Monitoring

Microsleep Monitoring & Alerts

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How does Linxio Vision 3.0 stack up against the market?

The Linxio Vision 3.0 dash cam stands out as the superior choice when compared to major competitors in the market. Unlike many competitors that offer fragmented solutions requiring multiple systems to fulfill various fleet management needs, Linxio Vision 3.0 combines all these functionalities seamlessly into a single, all-in-one solution.


Front Facing

Driver Facing

Up to 6 Cameras

In Cabin Display

Custom Audio Alerts

In-Built GPS Tracking

OBDII Telematics

Seat Vibration

Message Broadcast

2-Way Communication

2TB Internal Memory

Forward Collision

Pedestrian Collison

Lane Departure

Headway Monitoring

Harsh Braking

Harsh Acceleration

Harsh Cornering

Speed Sign Recognition

Fatigue Driving

Phone Usage


Distracted Driving

Seatbelt Status

Facial Recognition

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