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Because the Linxio platform is so vast, we dont believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. Instead, you pay only for what you need, and add to the features when your business requirements grow.  To get a tailored proposal sent to your email with your exact requirements, simply complete the pricing form below.

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We have a highly skilled team dedicated to your success, who have helped our valued clients see instant savings in their business upwards of $3000 per month, per employee. 


Most companies just use 3G, which will eventually be shutdown just like the 2G network was in 2017, our devices only run on the 4G LTE CAT M1 network, to ensure fast and reliable data.


Some companies lock you in for 3-5 years with auto-renewal and lengthy cancellation notice periods with shady terms. Linxio does not have a cancellation notice period or auto renew periods instead, simple clear terms.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, the Linxio platform is a modulated software so you can start with the basics, and add more functionality as your business requirements grow. 

While we recommend using a Linxio branded GPS tracking device for the ultimate accuracy and reliability, we understand that the reinvestment into new hardware may not fit within budget. in this case, we do have the ability to integrate almost any GPS tracking device, from any provider.

We give our clients lifetime cloud storage of their company data, as long as you are our customer, your data will be stored safely in our highly secure, mirrored data center.

No, our software is very intuitive, and has many automated tasks to help you run this software with minimal interaction. Such as automated reports, alerts, and notifications.

Pricing depends on a few things, such as your business requirements, fleet size, whether you purchase hardware outright, or go on a rental plan, etc. 

The best way to get all the information on pricing is to complete the form above for an obligation free quote

yes, we can offer customised hardware and software plans according to your exact requirements, and even have the scope for custom development to get you exactly what you need. Just contact us today for an obligation free consultation.


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