Linxio Tag

Utilising the latest Bluetooth 5.0, this small but powerful IoT sensor is able to monitor and upload data in real time, capturing not only location, but also temperature, humidity and light, when within a 300 meter range to a Linxio GPS tracker.

IoT Sensors

Cost Effective

Small, rugged and waterproof devices with up to 5+ year battery life, paired with our unique mesh network

Complete Visibility

Look within specific sites to identify which assets are located at that site or see which vehicle that asset is in, with geofencing for depot and job site

Bluetooth 5.0

Low energy Bluetooth technology sends information via our Linxio Mesh network so you can stay up to date on the whereabouts of your assets.

The Latest in Live Streaming Video Telematics

The latest evolution in vehicle dash cameras is here, with the Linxio DC range of products, connect your fleet to the cloud in ways you never thought possible.


Live Streaming


Cloud Storage


In-Cab Alerts


3 Years Warranty

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