Ready Track is now Linxio

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Introducing linxio: Ready Track Rebrands as part of their ever-evolving enterprise software platform that links fleet, staff, assets, jobs and IoT devices together

Not just GPS tracking software, the new linxio platform is a complete connected solution with seamless integration with other enterprise software.

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Anatomy of a Rebranding

Rebranding means reinvention — a wiping away of the old and replacing it with the new.

Any company that has undergone a rebrand knows exactly how difficult the task is, its not just as simple as a new fancy looking logo. Every element needs to be strategic, and at a glance, communicate your companies vision, it should give the viewer a sense of emotion that encaptualtes everything that your company stands for. Rebranding involves every aspect of the company, from logo and website, to company personality.


Why we rebranded

Our previous branding had evolved out of our original business model in 2013 which was a GPS tracking device that was programmed and arrived ready to go so you could just plug it into your vehicles and track them on a PC or app. This was not aligned with where the software was heading and where the technology was taking us. By 2018 our software platform and technology had evolved into something so much more than just a simple tracking system, we have education tools that teach drivers how to be safer on road, we integrate job management software to send jobs directly to drivers and have a complete maintenance manager with vehicle inspections. When your website no longer speaks to your client targets, it’s time to rebrand. So rebrand we did.


How did we start?

We conducted a brand audit with the whole team, evaluating what our company was offering, what we stood for and our mission as an enterprise solution provider. We found that it was imperative to have this cross-team communication internally to make sure that executives, sales, tech, and support teams were all on the same page in terms of understanding who our company is and not only what we are currently doing, but also what we hope to be in the future.


The Process

Our team had a LOT of fun working on the rebranding. We addressed the following main questions:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Where we are going


We wrote down single words that represented these 3 main questions and there was one word that kept popping up, that word was “link”. So we took this word and ran with it!


The Result

The Name

  • Utilising the word link to symbolise linking your assets
  • The letter x as in connection and x marks the spot
  • IO symbolises the binary language that all computers use

The Logo

  • Similar to a race track in homage to the orignial name Ready “Track”
  • Similar to a road or a windy overpass
  • Similar to a cloud, for our cloud based systems
  • Similar to a link in a chain, to match the word link, and the chain of responsibility
  • The two GPS pins, for our location based solutions


The future moving forward

The future is very bright for Linxio, we plan on further developing our already world-class software platform that will not only connect your fleet and assets to the cloud, but also integrate IoT devices, and introduce a plethora of team productivity tools such as digital forms, compliance modules, job dispatch and task management tools, and integration with other software you already use such as CRMs, accounting software, fuel cards and much much more, all integrated within the one linxio platform.

We plan on opening branches in other parts of Australia and internationally to offer a global solutions to the world.

All this would not be possible without the thousands of happy customers that rely on our system to help their business every single day.

Thank you to all our valued clients, and future users of the Linxio software.


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Ready Track is now Linxio

Introducing linxio: Ready Track Rebrands as part of their ever-evolving enterprise software platform that links fleet, staff, assets, jobs and IoT devices together Not just GPS tracking software, the new linxio platform is a complete connected solution with seamless...
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