5 Reasons Why Your Trucking Business Should Use Dashcams

Nilesh Maghzine

In the last year alone, the dashcam market has grown to and was valued at $2.8 billion and over 36 million dashcam units were sold.


Going forward, these numbers are stipulated to grow to meet the demand for newer and better dashcam technology intended for commercial vehicle use. With the progression of time, this will also lead to older vehicles upgrading their previous generation dashcams with newer ones, in turn increasing the demand and adoption for dashcams alike.


In the yesteryears, dashcams were used commercially by commuter buses and police vehicles. However, in recent years, the trucking and commercial fleet industry has started increasingly adopting and using this technology to their benefit.


Some pointers that make dashcams quintessential for the trucking industry are:


1. Fleet Driver Exoneration and Preventing False Claims

Research has proven that in most cases, up to 80% of accidents wherein a truck and a personal vehicle are involved, its mostly the personal vehicle driver who is at fault and not the truck driver, as presumed. If the commercial truck comes equipped with a dashcam, the fleet manager can use real-time video footage captured as evidence to support or dismiss the claim made. If the truck operator is not responsible for the accident caused, the dashcam footage can come in handy in exonerating the driver and achieving a quick resolution.


2. Promoting Safe Driving

When a fleet truck comes onboard with a dashcam, it gives the fleet manager the ability to safely access data, monitor driver behaviour, generate reports based on routes taken, speeds achieved and road safety conditions observed. Through an on-board dash camera that helps generate real-time video footage, in turn, can help the fleet manager incentivize safe driving which also helps both the truck operator and the assigned vehicle through reduced driver fatigue, lesser vehicle wear and tear and lower fuel consumption.

“Through a safe driving etiquette, insurance premiums also take a positive dip through lower claims made annually.”


3. Encouraging Driver Training

Fleet managers can improvise and generate helpful insights for coaching truck drivers by making use of the dashcam footage. Every time a noteworthy incident is captured on the dashcam, the pivotal footage can be recorded and used by a fleet manager to educate the fleet drivers. Based on the dashcam in use, which may also record the audio and real-time location of the asset, important feedback can be generated that promotes driver safety and education. Certain dashcam apps also come with additional features like leader boards and driver scorecards that help promote safe driving and better driver education.


4. Better Fleet Security

With advancements in vehicular security, most of the dashcams come now onboard with parked mode technology that gets activated the moment a vehicle is set in motion, irrespective of it being in parked mode. This feature helps detect and stop break-ins, acts of on-road vandalism and events that can be deemed illegal. The dashcams can easily capture details like number plates, ID people and assets and the recorded footage can be used both by law enforcement and insurance agencies to assist trucking companies including the fleet operators.


5. Reduced Insurance Claims And Annual Rates

Dashcams can help reduce the turn-around time for insurance claims to a greater extent when utilised in an evidence-based environment. With video-based evidence, the insurance provider garners more context to serve claims and that leads to quicker resolutions. In today’s world, many insurance providers also provide discounts on annual premiums if the fleet operator installs dashcams on fleet vehicles which enforces better driving etiquette and also enhances the overall fleet safety.


What Linxio Has To Offer


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With Linxio, maintaining your fleet vehicles is easier through our future-ready telematics solutions that offer real-time GPS tracking, geofencing alerts and notifications, digitised logbooks and better driver communication.


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