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How much can Linxio save your business?

Estimate how much using Linxio can save your business by using this ROI calculator



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Reduce Labour Costs & Increase Revenue

Employees arrive on the job site 15 minutes late, have a 1 hour lunch break, and call it a day 15 minutes before their shift ends. A total of 1 hour of lost time. Their timesheet however, charges you for a full 8 hours of work. (Calculations based on a 5 day work week)

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Minutes not worked per day, per employee

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Reduce Fuel Costs

Improved management resulting from the use of our system dramatically reduces mileage and fuel consumption. Also, Fewer nonproductive miles and less idling provides an additional reduction of the costs associated with fuel, oil changes, tyres and repairs. (Calculations based on a 5 day work week)

Not sure of your vehicles fuel economy? Here are some examples:

Light vehicles such as cars, utes & vans roughly consume 12L/100km

Rigid trucks consume roughly 30L/100km

Articulated trucks consume roughly 57L/100km

Average fuel cost per litre


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Reduce Associated Fleet Costs

Save time planning and scheduling maintenance, reduce insurance premiums and accidents by monitoring driver behaviour

Service interval

Average Service Cost

Average repair cost for a light vehicle is $3500

Reduction in wear & tear

Assumes a 15% discount on insurance premiums negotiated directly with insurer

Monitoring harsh driving behaviour and speeding

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Total Estimated Savings

The final estimated saving per month is :


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