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GPS Asset Tracking

The Linxio GPS Asset Tracking & Management software allows your business to improve asset security and to
monitor and manage valuable assets, wherever they are in the world.

Our slimline asset tracking devices are fitted securely to your mobile assets, such as plant equipment and freight, and allow you to easily monitor any movements or unauthorised use through our asset tracking software.

Our GPS Asset Tracking & management software provides you all the tools to get a complete overview of your assets, giving you not only location, but other valuable data such as fuel levels, unauthorised usage and much more.

Motives to Choose Linxio

We’ve Some Awesome Advantages

Affordable Systems

At Linxio, we understand that people and companies have individual needs, which is why we don’t have a “one size fits all” GPS fleet tracking system.

30 Day Guarantee

Linxio offers a no strings attached 30-day guarantee to businesses throughout Australia. This allows you to test out the GPS tracking system and make sure it suits your needs.

Reporting Systems

Imagine just receiving weekly emails with the trip reports of your entire fleet, detailing driving times, distances, fuel usage, time on site, etc…

No Lock-In Contract

At Linxio, we believe in our GPS tracking products, so when you choose our devices, we work hard and will go that extra mile to keep you as a happy customer.

Linxio Features

Awesome Features

Real-time GPS Tracking with Live Data

Get a complete overview of your fleet with the exact location and information about their current route and speed to help to make better business operations decisions.
With data captured second by second, and accuracy using high gain antennas, you can stay in control of your fleet and ongoing events with linxio GPS tracking software and tracking devices.

Critical Alerts Sent in Real-time

Be alerted immediately if your equipment is being used incorrectly by a number of different ways, such as if an unauthorised staff member swipes their card or with geofence alerts that create a virtual perimeter around your assets and get notified if they leave that zone during certain times allowing you to notify the authorities immediately, minimising damage and ensuring asset recovery.

Connect Inputs and Engine Diagnostics

The Linxio GPS asset management software allows you to connect multiple inputs through our GPS tracking devices, giving you a deeper insight into your assets than ever before.
Access to CANBus data makes visible a wide range of information including fuel consumption, RPM, odometer, throttle position, engine load/torque, fuel levels and engine temperature & engine hours.

Get on Top of Fleet Maintenance

linxio fleet maintenance software this can be a fully automated process within your company.
Manage all aspects of your fleet’s maintenance needs such as scheduled services and non-scheduled repairs, registration, insurance and more, with the ability to integrate with 3rd party software.

Lowest Price Guarantee

If we cannot beat our competitor’s price, we will give you a $100 Wish Gift Card!

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