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Knowing where your vehicles have been, when they were out of sight, 24 hours a day, seven days a week increases your confidence that the vehicles are being used responsibly and representing your  company in the best possible way.

How crucial is it to get a GPS Tracking Device that can run on the 4G LTE network? Well, global network providers already shutdown their 2G network in a lot of Countries and have already planned to shutdown the 3G network in 2020 to make way for 5G, so to futureproof your business, a 4G ready GPS tracking device is very important.

In response to this, linxiohave made available a complete range of LTE 4G GPS Tracking devices with, but not just any 4G modems will do for our GPS trackers, we have used a specific 4G modem that run an the NB IoT & CAT M1 Network, a networks that is dedicated to GPS trackers and IoT devices.

4G GPS tracker is an electronic tracking device that helps transmit the real-time location of a vehicle or person using the global positioning system, also known as GPS. The data of the location is stored onto the tracking device and transmitted by using IOT enabled integration like a cellular connection that may be GPRS or SMS based.

The 4G GPS tracker is an easy device to set up and track as it follows a simple plug & play interface to get things started. The data is relayed using an active 4G based SIM card that is inserted into the tracking device. The 4g gps tracking device can act as a gps tracker with sim card activated solution.

Once the 4G SIM is activated, the coordinates of the device are transmitted over a GSM network to the entitled tracking service that displays the location of the device on an interactive map interface.

The 4G GPS tracker can also be used for secondary operations such as relaying the on-board diagnostics onto a remote server or a device for data interpretations.

The tracking device is generally powered by the power generated at the source, through an independent battery or a power source on the vehicle itself.

Other features of a standalone 4G GPS tracker include remote auto immobilizing system, motion detection notifications and anti-theft alerts.

Additionally, a 4G GPS tracker should be IPv6 or IPv7 ready to withstand the unpredictable environments that might be faced based on different terrains and versatile product usage.

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logo GPS Tracking Device for Fleet
logo GPS Tracking Device for Fleet
logo GPS Tracking Device for Fleet
logo GPS Tracking Device for Fleet
logo GPS Tracking Device for Fleet
logo GPS Tracking Device for Fleet

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