Asset Tracking Queries Put To Rest

by Jan 10, 2020TECHNOLOGY

Asset tracking is a method of tracking or tracing down physical assets, either through attached GPS tags, RFID stickers or barcode labels. Asset tracking is less of a requirement and more of a necessity if you are a business that dwells on asset management and control.

asset tracking

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Asset tracking as a system allows the end-user to attach a GPS based device, a barcode label or an RFID tag to equipment or an asset that relays the location of the equipment or the asset to a centralised system.

The GPS unit attached to the equipment gives you real-time information about your equipment’s location, fuel levels, unauthorised usage and many more things.

You can set them to track constantly, or you can remotely switch them on and off, and it’s a way for business owners to keep an eye on all of their equipment when it’s on a job site and away from the business.

Why is Asset Tracking Important?

For one, each piece of equipment can easily cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they’re usually quite an investment for a business. If they get lost or stolen, you want a fast and efficient way to recover these assets, and having a system installed is an almost certain way to find them. It’s also essential to protect your assets from unauthorised usage that could result in injuries or equipment failure.

Assets that are tracked using electronic devices are easier to manage and track with real-time location data that is critical to function. The assets which are tagged transmit their location using a cellular or satellite network or a combination of both in certain cases.

The GPS devices are self-powered through on-board batteries or device power through the asset’s power source.

How does Asset Tracking work?

You have the GPS unit and the receiver when you use GPS asset management. You attach the GPS unit to your asset, and you have the receiver at your business. There are 24 satellites around the world that send signals to create a network. These satellites send signals to the GPS unit, and it then relays the signal to your receiver. You’re able to seamlessly use these signals to track your asset’s movement in real-time to pinpoint the exact location.

What Industries Use Asset Tracking?

A few sectors that invest in asset tracking include;

  • Construction & Equipment
  • Oil, gas & mining
  • Farming
  • Security services
  • Professional services

How can Linxio help with Asset tracking?

Linxio offers GPS based asset tracking solutions, both for commercial and private usage.
No matter how large or small your business is, your assets are extremely valuable to your daily operations, and knowing where they are at all times is critical. This is where the best software can be a vital tool to implement for your business, no matter how small or large it is.

At Linxio, we’ve put together one of the best asset management systems available on the current market, and we’ve outfitted business across Australia with it. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your assets are secure 24 hours a day, and you can also use it to track your valuable assets when they’re out on a project site to ensure that your staff is using them responsibly.

Along with securing your assets, our software also allows you to quickly and easily monitor your fuel levels. In turn, you’ll be able to implement strategies to help you maximise your fuel usage and reduce your company’s overall costs. You’ll be able to get your assets to work harder for you on each project you send them to.


Still, need to learn more about Asset Tracking and learn how Linxio can help businesses boost profits and offer customised solutions to run fleets better.

Give us a call to book a free demo and enjoy our 30 days free trial with a money-back guarantee.

Want to find the best GPS tracking solution for your business?

Every business is unique, and your GPS fleet management requirement can be different compared to the shop owner across the street. Talk to a fleet management expert today to know your options. We will help you find the exact type of GPS tracking solution for your unique needs. We have GPS trackers to suit all budgets and requirements.


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