Science Of Automotive Telematics

by Jan 14, 2020TECHNOLOGY

Automotive telematics is an interconnected system that involves vehicular tech like on-road transportation, road safety, sensor instrumentation and wireless telecommunications.

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Automotive telematics empowers businesses to:

  • Send, receive and store data through wireless telecommunications to remotely operate devices or systems.
  • Use tech with road vehicles, that also goes by the name, vehicle telematics
  • Empower automotive navigation through a global satellite system
  • Control vehicle on the move through integrated informatics and telecommunications


Key components for automotive telematics:

  • GPS tracker/receiver
  • On-board diagnostics interface
  • Wireless mobile port for data transfer


How Automotive Telematics Works?

The cornerstone for automotive telematics is a vehicle tracking device. It collates coordinates based GPS data including other significant onboard vehicle diagnostics data and transmits the same through wireless mobile data to a centralised server for data interpretation prior to serving a simplified dash friendly variant to an end-user.

The amount of data collected by a telematics device help attain in-depth information about the vehicle that is being tracked which includes real-time live tracking of the vehicle, geo-fencing zones, vehicle idling times, driver behaviour and tracking involving harsh braking or acceleration, fuel usage, vehicle functions and faults among other things.

This set of data accumulated can be served through fleet management and fleet tracking software via a desktop or a smartphone device through a website or a cloud-based app.


Vehicle Telematics Applications:

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Trailer & Container Tracking
  • Fleet Management & Tracking


Industries That Benefit From Telematics:

  • Delivery & Dispatch Services
  • Field Service Companies
  • Towing Services
  • Trucking & Transportation Logistics Companies
  • Construction Businesses
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Oil, Gas & Mining Companies
  • Utilities Services
  • Waste Management Services
  • Healthcare
  • Government Fleet Services
  • Public Service Agencies

Telematics Universe In Fleet Management:

1. Increased Productivity Through:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Driver tracking
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Route History
  • Geofencing

2. Better Safety Through:

  • Driver Scorecards
  • Collusion Prevention
  • Fatigue Monitoring
  • Weather Alerts
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring
  • Seat Belt Detection
  • Accident Or Impact Detection
  • Dash Cam Integration

3. Improved Compliance Through:

  • Digitised Logbooks
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Fuel Usage Tracking

4. Extended Integration Through:

  • Data Integration
  • Open APIs
  • SDK – Software Development Kits

5. Increased Fleet Optimisation Through:

  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Remote Diagnostics & Maintenance Checks
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Idling Trends


How Linxio Puts Telematics To Good Use?

Maximise Your Fleet’s potential through complete fleet management and vehicle tracking. Linxio helps businesses to enhance productivity & efficiency, boost profits and ROI and save more on fuel & labour costs.


With Linxio, you can:

  • Track, identify and prevent unauthorised use of business or work vehicles
  • Track, control and evaluate fleet fuel costs
  • Reduce labour costs by decreasing the turn-over time
  • Enhance scheduling and dispatch through customised reporting
  • Improve driver behaviour

Still, need to learn more about vehicle tracking and learn how Linxio can help businesses boost profits and offer customised tracking solutions to run fleets better.

Give us a call to book a free demo and enjoy our 30 days free trial with a money-back guarantee.

Want to find the best GPS tracking solution for your business?

Every business is unique, and your GPS fleet management requirement can be different compared to the shop owner across the street. Talk to a fleet management expert today to know your options. We will help you find the exact type of GPS tracking solution for your unique needs. We have GPS trackers to suit all budgets and requirements.


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