Compliance & CoR Solutions

Simplified Compliance without the Paperwork

Simplified Compliance Without the Paperwork

The Linxio GPS fleet management software makes it easy to comply with the changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws that were introduced on 1 October 2018. The aim of COR is to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares responsibility for ensuring breaches of the HVNL do not occur. Under COR laws if you are named as a party in the chain of responsibility and you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure the HVNL is complied with.
Our compliance & cor solutions make all the difference that makes your fleet business run more efficiently and better.

Linxio Features

Awesome Features

Fatigue Management

Monitor fatigue with our Electronic Work Diary to assist you in ensuring you are meeting your obligations under the HVNL (Heavy Vehicle National Law) and take all of the guess work out of maintaining your National Driver Work Diary daily sheet.

Vehicle Inspections

Create customised checklistsfor each vehicle type, no more generic paper forms with checklists that don’t apply to certain vehicles, this eliminates rushed and incorrect checks which could result in accidents or unwanted wear and tear that could injure a driver.

Speed & Driver Behaviour

Monitor driver performance with leader boardsand individual report cards that measure harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, high revving and any other custom metric you choosefor your business.

Emergency Duress & SOS

There are many times drivers may be in duress or an emergency situation arises where a phone call is out of the question, connecting a duress button in the vehicle or on a remote pendant can provide an quick notification.


Manage all aspects of your fleet’s maintenance needs such as scheduled services and non-scheduled repairs, registration, insurance and more, with the ability to integrate with 3rd party software.

Fuel Tax Credits (FTC)

Calculating Fuel Tax Credits can be a time consuming and technically challenging task. You can use ‘safe harbours’ and apply various assumptions and estimates, but these approaches are time consuming and will not deliver you the best results.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

The linxio FBT Manager can automate can automatically split the business and private trips into separate reports using its smart algorithms, or though the driver app. Our solution is compliant with the ATO.

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