Dash Cams – Commercial Grade 

4G Ready Full HD 1080P Dual Channel Dash Cams

Network Drive Recorder for Vehicle & Driver Management

  • Built-in 2 Channel Super HD Digital CMOS Camera
  • 6 Elements All Glass Lens
  • 3 Channel Recording Support
  • Wi-Fi Internet / Hotspot / Tethering Network
  • 3G/4G Telecommunication Network
  • Live View Streaming
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • 3rd Party Device Trigger Integration
  • 1TB External HDD/256gb SSD Memory support
  • Full HD 1080P Ready
  • Dual Channel – Front & Rear Dash Cams
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Multi-Mode Parking Assist
  • Voice Guidance Activated
  • 3 Axis Gravity Sensors
  • Different On-board Recording Modes
  • Smart GPS Assist
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Vehicle Tracking Integration With App Support

Dual SD Card Security

The Linxio Dash Cam system can house 2 microSD cards for increased storage time and stability. The two SD cards work by storing important Event Data with normal footage on one card. The extra footage and latest footage is stored on the secondary SD card.

Capture the Full Story

Capture the full story with the Linxio Commercial Grade Dash Cam. Dual cameras provide a picture of the outside view and interior cabin view simultaneously. Using the player you can view both feeds together to compare events and data.

Industry Leading Design

Tamper Proof Design that leads in the industry for security. A patented tamper-proof design, prevents unwanted tampering of the SD card as well as locking the angle of the forward and inward facing cameras. Preventing drivers from changing the lens angle to avoid detection. 

The Linxio Dash Cam is able to connect to Server via 3G or 4G network connection

The Linxio Dash Cam is able to connect to Linxio via Wi-Fi Wireless LAN USB Adaptor.

The Linxio Dash Cam is able to connect 3rd camera for 3 Channel video recording.

128GB micro SDXC card support per each memory slot.(Total 256GB storage use.)

The device is provide Tamperproof cover kit for prevention data and power cut off.

Backup data to a memory stick via USB port. Used for copying Events or all files.

Accidents are saved separately on a 30 second event recording that is easy to locate, store and manage.

he Linxio Dash Cam will sleep when engine is off but will wake upon motion detection and record.

Combined with the GPS, the NDR can be stored speed event alarm video when the vehicle exceeds a preset speed.

Print out reports and log history data about Accident event and G-Sensor and GPS by CSV file format.

The Linxio Dash Cam makes an encryption video file. Enabling you to playback the encrypted files if the set password is used.

Power control options allow recording to start and stop using vehicle ignition, delayed system shutdown and/or preset ON/OFF times.

Reliable ISO16750 specifications. Device will not cause interference or be subjected to interference by other devices.

Designed to perform in high-temperature environments. The product has passed 96 hour temperature tests between -20℃ and +85℃

Linxio also offers the below Dash Cam brands

We have negotiated great pricing on all these brands, so if you’re in the market
for a high quality dash cam for a good price, contact us today!



BlackVue are the world’s leading dash camera manufacturer with the highest number of car cameras sold world-wide compared to any other brand. BlackVue are renowned for being the first company to introduce WiFi and Smartphone Applications to enable easy viewing without the need for computers. BlackVue are one of the top 5 leading dash camera manufacturers in Korea, and the most iconic and well known brand in Australia.


Thinkware dash cams offer great value for money, they are incorporate high quality sensors and processors, with format free style data recording, meaning your SD cards will have a very low chance of corruption. 

With many additional accessories such as stand alone battery for continuous recording, waterproof camera and hard-wire kits available.


RoaD-eye Dash Cams like the RE350 are powered by a hidden box that keeps all data safe even if the cameras were stolen. SD storage capabilities, GPS for tracking, speed and time allowing you to pinpoint the exact location, time and date, and microphone input for sound recording.

All videos are saved using the TAT format-free system, ensuring that nothing is lost. Great value for money.





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