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Driver Safety and Education

Increasing safety and reducing accidents is the biggest motivation for fleet managers who have installed driver behaviour management technology. A driver behaviour management system gived fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance is regard to speeding,accelration,braking,and other factors that can impact on safety.

Linxio Driver Safety & Education Features

Monitor Driver Performance and Increase Safety

The linxio GPS trackers capture g-force second by second using a highly calibrated 3-axis accelerometer to accurately measure hard acceleration, cornering and braking, combining those parameters with actual sign posted speeding alerts and high engine revving we compile that data into an easy to understand driver behaviour module where you can make actionable decisions.

Show a Leader Board to Encourage Safe Driving

Using our smart algorithm, we calculate the total number of events over the total distance that was travelled during your selected time period, when we rate each driver with a number and an alphabetical score where A is the best and G is the worst.
This leader board style reporting will be available for all drivers to see and battle co-workers for the top spot of safest driver.

Generate Individual Report Cards
With Detailed Metrics

Weather the driver is performing well or could use some education on driver behaviour, the linxio fleet management software is able to generate a detailed report card for each driver listing their score, rating, total number of events, and how it has affected his drivers score.
All clients have noticed a positive trend of proactive driver safety within their fleet since implementing this feature.

Reduce Fuel Costs
and Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Driver safety is the utmost importance in any business running a fleet of vehicles, but secondary to that, the unnecessary wastage of fuel and other wear and tear caused by reckless driving behaviour is a business expense that can be easily avoided using our GPS trackers and world class fleet management software. This feature alone is a great reason to implement GPS tracking in your fleet.

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