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Streamlining your business practices and implementing job tracking software can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Using building project management software allows you to quickly and easily allocate tasks to your employees to keep your project running smoothly and on-track.

We offer field service solutions that work for both large and small projects, and this includes a comprehensive job management tool. You’ll be able to give all of your driver’s clear and precise information and instruction regarding their tasks without worrying about trying to catch them during a slow period to have a long discussion. There are also navigation features that companies who need job management software in Australia can count on. Drivers can choose the best routes to get to their destinations, and their managers can track them.

Job management software also allows your workers to focus on whatever tasks you assign them, and your managers can focus on organising and planning the project from start to finish. This can smooth out your daily operations, and it can help you finish your project well within your deadlines. In turn, this can lower your company overhead.

From the Office

Create and Schedule

Create and schedule new tasks for your field workers and drivers using GPS tracking data.

Update Drivers’ Work

Update drivers’ work plan and route while they’re on the go to avoid unnecessary additional trips.

Update Statuses

Task statuses are updated in real time, and drivers/field workers can send additional information requests to managers.

Drivers Perspective

Clear Information

Drivers receive clear and detailed information about their tasks – no need for long discussions.

Focus on their Tasks

The field workers can focus on their tasks, leaving the planning and organization for managers. .

Choose you Favorite Navigation

Drivers can choose their favorite navigation app to use for route navigation.

Linxio Job Management Features

Driver Identification & Business/Private logbook

Drivers can use th linxio driver app to conveniently select which vehicle they are driving, which will then assign them to the vehicle in the GPS fleet management software.
Once connected to a vehicle, the option to view trips and categorize between business & private is just a click away.

Driver Behaviour Scorecards

Connecting to the GPS tracker in the vehicle, we measure harsh driving behaviour and rate each driver with a number and an alphabetical score where A is the best and G is the worst.
This leader board style reporting will be available for all drivers to see and battle co-workers for the top spot of safest driver.

Group Messaging & Chat

Communication between the office staff and field workers can be a difficult task, with no centralized method of record keeping, using the linxio driver app, you how have the ability to create groups, and communicate conveniently with your staff individually, or in group chats where you can send mass messages.

Vehicle Inspections

Drivers are able to complete vehicle inspection forms which are customized for each vehicle type, no more generic forms with checklists that don’t apply to certain vehicles, this eliminates rushed and incorrect checks which could result in accidents or unwanted wear and tear that could injure a driver.

Reasons to Use the Best Job Management Software in Australia


If you’re considering implementing job tracking software at your company, there are several benefits. We want you to understand exactly why our online job management software is so popular with large and small companies. The most significant benefits include:

GPS Tracking– Your fleet can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per vehicle. If vehicles were to get lost or stolen, the chances of recovering them are very slim. Our service job management software connects to a GPS when your driver takes their vehicle out. You can use this Global Positioning System to help recover your vehicle.

Maintenance– Keeping your heavy equipment in top shape can help to drastically reduce the money you spend on repairing small issues that turn into big problems. Our simple job management software lets your staff check off when they perform routine maintenance, and the reports come to you. You can then look them over and schedule maintenance and upkeep as you see fit.

Keeps Your Staff On Track – Distractions are everywhere, and it can slow down your project time if your staff aren’t working to their full capabilities. They can also waste valuable time trying to get in touch with their supervisors to find out the next step in the project. You can use our field service solutions to give your employees a detailed list of their duties. They can work straight through the list, stay on track and finish your projects on your deadline.


What Is The Best Field Service Management Software?

The best job management software in Australia allows you to perform a variety of tasks simultaneously. For example, our service job management software allows you to keep track on how careful your drivers are, where they are at any given moment, and you can send out duties in a concise format all at the same time.

You can update your drivers’ schedules in real time, and this can help to avoid costly delays. We’re on-hand and happy to help you pick out the field service solution that suits your company size, tasks and needs. We’re also able to provide advice on how to get the most out of the software.


What is Field Service Management Software?

Simple job management software is software that helps to streamline your daily operations by making certain tasks more convenient. For example, you can use it to send your clients detailed itineraries of their tasks each day instead of trying to get them on the phone for a lengthy discussion.

It also helps you keep track of your assets and employees while they’re out on a job site or a delivery. Our staff can explain all of the perks of the best job management software we offer. All you need to do is ask.

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