Planning To Operate Your Business Remotely?

by Mar 23, 2020INFORMATION

The Stimulus Package Has Arrived & The Time To Make The Switch Is NOW!

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The Australian federal government has announced COVID-19 economic rescue package that will be churned out to lend support to businesses for stabilising their corresponding bottom lines in the months to come.

The two policies that take the centerfold are the wage and rental relief packages to keep the business running as efficiently as possible in these times. Businesses based on their revenue generation are projected to get a deferral on GST, income and other tax payments on a case to case basis.

It is unprecedented how fast economies are reacting following the global outbreak. More and more businesses are going virtual and progressively moving onto the digital turf to protect and shield their staff from the spread of infection.

However, as working remotely from home is more and more becoming a reality with the progression of time, it is imperative that businesses are able to exercise and exhibit the same amount of control on their assets and safeguard employees from opportunists and exploiters alike.

Linxio, being at the forefront of cloud-based vehicular telematics understands the significance of digital revolution and how businesses can stand to benefit from it.

With our mobile on-the-cloud tracking technology, businesses can operate beyond the conventional brick-and-motor setup and allocate jobs or tasks, track and schedule delivery and dispatch of assets right from the comfort of a hand-held device or an internet-enabled desktop computer.

Imagine the ease of engaging with your field workers, fleet managers or operators, drivers and employees without the trouble of leaving your home.

With our mobile-first solutions backed by data-driven analytical engines, you get to strategise more, implement processes across business pipelines and worry less about mobilising your workforce and optimise everyday tasks to support operational efficiency.


How Can Linxio Help Businesses Have Complete Control While Operating Remotely?


1. DriverLink Smartphone App For On-The-Go Mobility

Being mobile is one of the keys to successful fleet management in business and DriverLink does exactly that. Our apps help you streamline your life and professional needs from overseeing the progress of your drivers to vehicle fleet management. The DriverLink app, part of our job scheduling software is optimised for both the app store on iOS and the Google Play store for android users. Pre-Trip checklist, FBT logbooks, Mass manager and job dispatch are among the many features that set it apart from the herd.


2. Job Management & Dispatch Software Solutions

Digitised logbooks, route optimisation, driver chats and customer management to simplify daily business workflow. Always stay on top of the business operating procedures with precision and clarity.


3. End-To-End Fleet Management & Tracking Software Solutions

Active live vehicle tracking, turn by turn, with active pings received by the system and updated by the second. We also specialise in satellite GPS tracking to tame any kind of terrain the world throws at you. Through satellite GPS tracking, you can keep track of all your vehicles and assets even when the GPS coverage is minimal or poor through geospatial zones.


4. Driver Management & Behavioral Solutions

Easily allocate drivers to assigned vehicles, track them along with assets to synchronise delivery, dispatch and task allocation. With our software, you get driver training, monitoring, behavioural alerts like harsh cornering, acceleration and braking, fleet tracking and ideal driving zones among others.


5. Employee | Asset Remote Monitoring Solutions

Linxio offers tech that helps implement geofences across selected locations or assets to monitor movement, track precise locations and set up custom alerts and notifications based on selective conditions met. The movement and location of the given asset can be tracked used the software interface through an internet-enabled desktop or a smartphone via mobile app.


6. Cold Chain Management Solutions

With Linxio, operate a temperature-controlled supply chain efficiently that helps companies effectively monitor and control the temperature of refrigerated assets through real-time active temperature monitoring at the desirable low-temperature range. The cool cargo system, when implemented correctly helps extend the shelf life of products, be it agricultural produce, food industry targeted products, pharmaceutical drugs including industrial-grade chemicals among others.


What Makes Linxio Your Business’ Ideal Fleet Partner?

We are a leading fleet management and GPS tracking solutions provider that helps fleet businesses improve productivity, customer service, reduce costs and boost scheduling delivery and dispatch by leveraging location-based technology and advanced data-driven telematics.


To learn more, how your business can make the most of remote operational solutions for better end-to-end fleet management, book a live demo with a consultant or get a 30 day free trial on all our fleet solutions.


Want to find the best GPS tracking solution for your business?

Every business is unique, and your GPS fleet management requirement can be different compared to the shop owner across the street. Talk to a fleet management expert today to know your options. We will help you find the exact type of GPS tracking solution for your unique needs. We have GPS trackers to suit all budgets and requirements.


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Planning To Operate Your Business Remotely?

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