Vehicle Inspections

Save Time and Eliminate the Burden of Paper Forms

vehicle inspections

Save Time and Eliminate the Burden of Paper Forms

Save time and eliminate the burden of paper forms with our customisable and easy to use vehicle inspection App directly integrated with our world class fleet maintenance software.

Vehicle inspection reports are a useful way to ensure your fleet is in good working order, but they can be time consuming and difficult to ensure they are done on time.

But not anymore. We make keeping track of every report and their associated maintenance quick and simple.

The Linxio Drive App has Great Features

Instant Defect Alerts

Automated defect notifications let you know (in real-time) when a driver notes
a defect.

Paperless Logging

Cut all the manual paperwork out of your inspections and make reports instantly available for resolution.

A Clearer Picture

Drivers can use their smartphone camera to
easily add photos of damage or defects to the checklist.

Duration Check

The checklist forms are clearly timed so you can be sure drivers are being thorough during each

Seamless Integration

Every checklist is automatically synced between
the driver application and the linxio maintenance module.

Driver Signatures

Once a vehicle inspection has been completed, the driver has the ability to add a signature through
the App.

Eliminate Paperwork and Stay Compliant

Clients who have implemented linxio vehicle inspections into their business have seen a significant decrease in paperwork.
Before working with linxio, clients were printing and ending paper records to their maintenance vendor, which was cumbersome for drivers, back-office staff, and the vendor. Staying compliant has never been easier.

Be Notified of Faults & Link to Maintenance

Whenever a vehicle’s planned inspection has been delayed, an alert will go out to the driver reminding them to complete the form as early as possible, if that checklist still goes uncompleted, another alert will be sent to the fleet manager.
Once the inspection has been completed, integrate seamlessly into your maintenance workflow.

Customise your Inspection Plans

Our customisable vehicle inspection forms allow fleet managers to create different customised plans for each vehicle type, no more generic forms with checklists that don’t apply to certain vehicles.
This eliminates rushed and incorrect checks which could result in accidents or unwanted wear and tear that could injure a driver.

Capture Photos, Files & Signatures

Capture photos, files & signatures Unlike regular vehicle inspection checklists, using the linxio app allows drivers to add rich data to each inspection form to help back office and maintenance vendors identify problems and proactively schedule maintenance.
Drivers can add photos, video, attachments and then sign on glass directly through the app.

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