Vehicle Tracking System By Linxio


It is a system that integrates and combines the vehicle location with the software that collects and collaborates data for deducing a report that showcases the multiple locations that the vehicle has been at. Generally, a vehicle tracking system uses GPS tech to track and track the location of a vehicle. The location captured off the vehicle can be analysed using dynamic data based mapping systems via specific software.

Vehicle Tracking System

What Type Of Tracking Is Utilised By Such A System?


A tracking system or software may make use of 2 types of systems. These are either;

      • Active Systems
      • Passive Systems

What generally is common to both the systems is that both of these systems produce vehicle locations, heading directions, treading speeds including other metrics.

A passive system stores the data accumulated over time onto the on-board memory which in turn can be downloaded for later evaluation.

An active system, similar to a passive variant records and store all the essential vehicle data. However, unlike the latter, it transmits the data in almost real-time via a cellular or a satellite network to a computerized data centre.

Modern systems combine both active and passive solutions with enhanced precision and real-time data.

Mostly, the system is a plug & play device that can be easily integrated into the vehicle that requires tracing and remote monitoring. The electronic tracker or device is plugged into the on-board diagnostics that are part of the vehicle primarily.

The tracker may or may not contain a battery for a power source or might derive power directly from the source, i.e, the vehicle.

What Makes Up A Vehicle Tracking System?

The bare essentials that go into making a unit include;


  • GPS tracking
  • Data tracing server
  • Customised mapping interface

Applications Of The System?

  • Fleet management
  • Route optimisation
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Vehicle security and safety
  • Onboard diagnostics monitoring
  • Fuel usage monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Field service management

Industries That Gain From It?

  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Delivery & Dispatch Services
  • Healthcare & Emergency Services
  • Vehicle & Equipment Rental Services
  • Farming, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Private & Government Defence Sector

How Can Linxio Help?

Maximise Your Fleet’s potential through complete fleet management. Linxio helps businesses to enhance productivity & efficiency, boost profits and ROI and save more on fuel & labour costs.

With Linxio, you can:

  • Track, identify and prevent unauthorised use of business or work vehicles
  • Track, control and evaluate fleet fuel costs
  • Reduce labour costs by decreasing the turn-over time
  • Enhance scheduling and dispatch through customised reporting
  • Improve driver behaviour

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