White Label GPS Tracking Software Solutions
For Big-League Fleet Vehicle Telematics

Become a bonafide business powerhouse
with our white label GPS tracking software solutions

white label gps tracking

Get your own white label platform in just 24 hours!

Thousands of developer hours has been put into our sotware over many years, you can have it all within 24 hours, completley white label, with your own domain, logo, email templates, and apps.

With our software solutions, you are in the right mix to tackle business challenges that wreck the bottom line of the fleet business if not tackled early.

When it comes to our white-label offerings, we help dealers sell and promote complete commercially viable packaged telematics solutions targeted towards both small business owners and large business enterprises.

Linxio as a company believes that a dealer network can grow better if supported and nurtured through time. We at Linxio offer our dealers extensive support, training on our software platforms and on-demand workshops so that our dealer network is equipped with the right knowledge and tools to expand and grow with the business.

Our solutions are customisable depending upon the needs of businesses.

Complete Hardware & Software Offerings


Complete Fleet Management Software, from live tracking, maintenance manager, driver behaviours core cards and more.


Latest 4G Technology, multiple optinos for inputs and outputs, bluetooth capabilities for sensors, and IP67 water-resistant.

Mobile Apps

Fleet Manager and driver applications available on Android and iOS.

Our software solutions come in two offerings

  • Stand-alone commercial GPS devices for small to medium-size businesses
  • Complete fleet management & tracking solutions intended for enterprise businesses focussed on vehicular telematics universe.

Add Ons Bundled With Our Enterprise-Grade Fleet Management & Tracking Solutions

  • Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) Services.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Services.
  • Fleet Fuel Card Partnerships.
  • Dynamic Vehicular Telematics
  • Third-Party Solutions API Integration.
  • Digitised Logbooks.
  • Pre & Post Vehicle Inspections.
  • Job Management Solutions.
  • Refrigerated Transport Temperature Monitoring.

Add Ons Bundled With Our Stand-Alone Solutions

  • Complete End-to-End Fleet Management.
  • Real-Time Commercial Fleet Vehicle Tracking.
  • Enterprise-Grade Multiple Vehicle Tracking & Support Through Unified Integrated Dashboards.
  • Heavy Equipment & Asset Tracking Solutions.
  • Advanced Geofencing technology through satellite tracking.
  • Future Ready 4G GPS Trackers.
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Service Reminders.
  • Driver Behaviour & Tracking Assist.
  • Route Planning & Optimisation.
  • Fatigue Management.
  • Custom Alerts & Notifications.
  • Fuel Usage & Cost Tracking.
  • Full HD 1080P dashcam integration.
  • Dynamic API Assist.
  • Scheduling & Dispatch Support.
  • Digitised Reporting.
  • Smartphone App & Desktop Interface Support.

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