How Telematics Is Shaping The Landscaping Industry

Nilesh Maghzine

A landscaping business relies heavily on tool utilisation and asset security. Effective utilisation is pivotal to keep the business running productively. Most businesses employ telematics as a technology for their vehicles but this science can also be utilised to track equipment and other assets including the likes of trailers & heavy tools.


Asset-tracking telematics has a wide range of applications and advantages, including improved efficiency, anti-theft security and the most important of all, a positive impact on the bottom line of the business.


1. Asset Location Updates

Landscaping clientele range from homeowners to large scale organisations. The trick of the trade is to keep both types of customers happy with timely service and a promise of reliability. Irrespective of the type of customer a landscaper is dealing with, when these type of customers aren’t catered to promptly, it leads to mistrust and loss of business in the long haul. Imagine a scenario wherein the landscaper doesn’t show up on time or shows up for the task without the necessary tools to furnish the job. All such scenarios can lead to a disgruntled customer and several wasted man-hours for the business. By employing asset tracking telematics, a fleet manager can track active vehicles, monitor drivers and establish timely communication

“This can be put to good use in cases wherein a driver is running late for the job or stuck in traffic and the same can be addressed to the customer to notify them of the delay caused and the revised estimated time of arrival. Such notifications help build customer trust and delivers a huge value for your business.”



2. Asset GPS Tracking

Asset GPS tracking can be utilised to track and manage assets and also be used to prevent theft, misuse and accidental damage, including inventory control and management. In scenarios wherein theft of an asset occurs, GPS asset tracking can be used to track the asset to its exact last known location for immediate recovery and restoration.

Apart from it, asset tracking data can also be used to analyse why the theft occurred, how a system can be further amended to detect early alarms and solutions that can be implemented to avert such incidents in the future. GPS asset tracking also acts as a deterrent for theft as it provides an additional layer of protection to vehicles and assets alike, which are placed on the system.


3. Asset Maintenance

A broken-down vehicle can and will always cost business wasted hours and money. To prevent such incidents from occurring, your fleet vehicles and equipment require regular maintenance checks to keep them running functional and healthy. Preventive maintenance can help maintain equipment and vehicles to minimise costs associated with keeping the fleet and equipment running optimally. Arresting such issues before they turn out to be business impacting problems can be automated through maintenance. Automated vehicle maintenance monitoring helps you skip the manual and arduous paperwork. It helps maintain the fleet vehicles & assets in good health, by keeping the repair costs low, which ensures that all operational vehicles and equipment have a positive impact on the bottom line. A maintenance solution helps prioritise maintenance at the right time for the right fleet vehicle or asset including a reduction in operating costs and maintenance downtime.


4. Driver Education

A driver management system helps promote a safer driving routine by constantly monitoring the vehicle in question. A driver management system is able to detect driver behaviour through harsh braking, excessive cornering, speeding and increased vehicle wear and tear along with complete route history.

A driver is notified of his or her driving behaviour in real-time and urged to make any necessary amends to uplift safety. The driver management system can also be used to generate log history based on which driver scores can be allowed to promote better driver behaviour while on the job.

Driver education is pertinent to boost the operational efficiency of any business. By encouraging self-awareness among drivers, a company can save millions through lower incident rates, lower wear and tear on the vehicles and better and longer operational hours, both in terms of vehicles and respective operators.

Through our driver behaviour & fatigue management system, you can monitor driver performance and increase safety, show a leader board to encourage safe driving, generate Individual report cards with detailed metrics and reduce fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear.


5. Asset Efficiency

Through our driver behaviour & fatigue management system, you can monitor driver performance and increase safety, show a leader board to encourage safe driving, generate Individual report cards with detailed metrics and reduce fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear.

With Linxio, maintaining your fleet vehicles is easier through our future-ready telematics solutions that offer real-time vehicle tracking, geofencing alerts and notifications, digitised logbooks and better driver communication.


Discover more by giving us a call or get a 30 day free trial on all our fleet solutions.

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