Benefits Of Using An Asset GPS Tracker For Your Business

Nilesh Maghzine

For people who are running a business and have assets that need to be tracked, asset tracking devices can help you keep tabs on them. Before you decide to purchase one of these devices, here are some reasons why they’re beneficial and why you should consider them to be an ideal investment for your business.



There are many benefits to using an asset tracker for your business

  • Improved security of your assets, both physically and virtually.
  • Better communication and management of your assets.
  • Improved employee productivity and process standardization.
  • Greater asset utilization.
  • Preventive maintenance of your equipment.
  • Real-time notifications on condition changes


Improved security of your assets, both physically and virtually

“When you’re using asset GPS trackers, you can prevent theft, damage to assets, loss of data and money and even protect your employees.


  • Preventing theft: If someone attempts to steal one of your valuable and expensive assets, they’ll be tracked down in no time. You’ll know where they are at all times, so you can send help right away.
  • Preventing damage: Assets can get damaged or broken on their own over time. But if there’s a problem with an asset that needs fixing before it’s too late, then this tool will let you know right away so that everyone knows what needs fixing as soon as possible.
  • Preventing loss of data: If something happens while an employee is working on an asset (like if something breaks or becomes damaged), then the GPS tracker will automatically save all relevant information about what happened so that things don’t appear off when customers try using their products again later down the line


Better communication and management of your assets

The asset tracking devices not only allow you to track your assets and keep a record of their location, but it also improves communication between departments within your business. For example, if a customer calls in to report a problem with an asset they use, you will have access to the service history and maintenance records which can help you resolve issues faster.

Another benefit of asset tracking is that it improves employee efficiency as employees are able to easily find what they need without having to go through multiple departments or people. If a piece of equipment needs servicing or repair work done on it, this information can be accessed by whoever needs it through the software system in real-time so there’s no need for someone else from another department who may not know the details about what happened with an existing order.


Improved employee productivity and process standardisation

One of the most significant benefits of using an asset tracking device for your business is improved employee productivity and process standardization.

When workers are able to focus on tasks, they can work more efficiently and save time. This can be especially useful when you have employees working remotely or from the field since a high-quality asset tracking devices will allow them to keep track of their location at all times. Since these devices will enable you to monitor how much time each employee spends on different jobs throughout the day or week—and even measure how far away they are from their office—you’ll know exactly where there are any gaps in productivity so that you can make changes accordingly.


Greater asset utilisation

Asset tracking can help you to improve your asset utilization by reducing costs, improving safety and productivity, and ensuring that your assets are always where they need to be.

In addition to the obvious benefits of knowing where your vehicles and equipment are at all times, asset tracking can also assist with customer service.


Preventive maintenance of your equipment

Preventive maintenance is the process of inspecting and repairing your equipment to prevent it from breaking down. The key is to catch any problems before they occur, saving you time, money and frustration. This proactive approach to maintaining your equipment will help ensure that it continues working smoothly for years to come.

Preventive maintenance is important for your business because:

  • It helps ensure that your assets are always in good working condition, which helps keep productivity high.
  • By minimizing downtime due to malfunctions or other issues, preventive maintenance can save you money by reducing the need for emergency repairs or replacements.

Real-time notifications on condition changes

With the ability to view asset details in real-time, you’ll be able to respond quickly when your assets need attention. For example, if an employee notifies you that a piece of equipment is running too hot or needs maintenance, you can log into your account and see exactly what’s going on with it. If there’s a problem that requires immediate attention, like a broken part or malfunctioning sensor, you can send out a team member immediately without having to waste time finding out what’s wrong or who needs to go fix it.


Increased efficiency and reduced waste

  • Time savings: You can use your asset tracking devices to determine the location of a machine that is out of service, so you can dispatch a technician to repair it quickly. This will help you reduce the amount of time that your machines are down and save money on labour costs and fuel consumption.
  • Less fuel consumption: Having a tracker will allow you to know when vehicles need to be refueled or serviced, so they can ensure their fleet is always in good working condition, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption while saving money on trips that would otherwise have been made unnecessarily long distances from their home depot because someone forgot about fuel levels during planning stages before going into production mode with new orders being placed each week causing delays on deliveries due too many destinations being far apart from each other making it difficult for drivers who want regular paychecks rather than having part-time jobs where they work whenever possible because there aren’t enough hours available for full-time employment which causes stress among those who don’t get hired regularly since no one wants change unless there’s something more lucrative waiting around another corner somewhere else besides just making sure their paycheck doesn’t bounce every month like clockwork which means even though people were born with talent

Better fuel efficiency

You can reduce your fuel consumption, maintenance costs and downtime by up to 10%. You’ll also be able to identify when a vehicle is idling or driving at a speed that doesn’t align with what’s required for that task. This means you won’t have to waste time searching for the problem later on in your business.

The asset tracker will also help you keep an eye on how much fuel each vehicle uses so that you can make informed decisions about fuel efficiency and compare it against other companies working in similar industries.


Reduced repair costs for assets

  • Reduced repair costs for assets: Asset GPS tracking enables you to better track the condition of your assets, which in turn allows you to detect problems before they happen and take action before they become a costly failure. This means that you can avoid unnecessary downtime and expensive repairs that result from lack of proper preventive maintenance.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced waste: With real-time information accessible via one single dashboard, asset GPS tracking allows you to respond quickly when something goes wrong or is likely to go wrong with a particular piece of equipment or machinery—in order to address issues before they become major problems. This also means less time wasted on finding parts and supplies, because there’s no need anymore!

Improved customer service

Businesses that are committed to providing the best customer service possible will find that asset GPS tracking is a helpful tool. Asset trackers allow you to easily locate your assets and keep track of their whereabouts. This makes it easy to quickly locate your vehicles, equipment or other assets in case you need them for a job site or event. By knowing where all of your assets are at all times, you can better meet the needs of your customers when they call for service or assistance.

Using a GPS tracker can also help improve customer loyalty by making sure that each employee stays on task and does not waste time searching for lost items in the parking lot when they should be working instead. A company that uses asset GPS trackers may also see increased sales because they can provide faster services while catering specifically to their clientele’s preferences and needs based on previous orders received from these types of businesses before now.



Asset tracking systems are a great way to improve your business. They can help you save money, increase productivity and reduce waste by giving real-time information on the location of your equipment. Asset GPS tracking systems also give you access to data that allows you to make informed decisions about how best to manage your fleet of vehicles or equipment. If this sounds like something that would be useful for your business, then it’s time to consider installing an asset tracker!


Discover more about how you can save more for your fleet business by giving us a call or get a free trial on all our asset tracking & fleet management solutions for your business fleet vehicles.

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