Imagine having complete control of your business fleet


With over 10 years experience and trusted by thousands of companies from the largest industry fleets to owner operators, Linxio has fleet management software and GPS tracking solutions to help dramatically improve fleet productivity and increase revenue in your business.

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We’re Trusted by Over 2,500+ Companies

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GPS Fleet Tracking

Track vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, increase worker productivity and encourage safer driving with Linxio fleet management solutions. Choose from a range of GPS tracking solutions that offer dashboards, reports and alerts.


Track your vehicles with real-time GPS tracking devices


Monitor driver behaviour, keeping your fleet safe


Reduce maintenance costs & fuel consumption

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GPS Tracking Devices

Linxio offers a wide range of 4G CAT-M1 GPS trackers, from basic to advanced to suit all applications and any conditions. And all Linxio GPS trackers come with lifetime warranty.

IoT Sensors

All GPS trackers come with Bluetooth, which connects to a plethora of IoT sensors. These include temperature, humidity & light sensors, driver ID tags, tyre pressure sensors, and more.

Dash Cameras

Integrated video dash cams with high memory capacity and options for live streaming through the Linxio platform gives fleet managers unparalleled insights into vehicle driving events.

Driver App

Manage your drivers and field workers by scheduling, dispatching and managing their tasks directly to their phone, keeping you updated on the progress of their daily schedule.
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Check Prices

We have solutions for all industries and can tailor a package
that meets your requirements and budget.

We offer competitive pricing according to your fleet size, complete the form
below to receive an emailed proposal.

Modern GPS Fleet Management

At Linxio, we provide tailored tracking solutions that will suit everyone. We offer a wide range of products designed to suit any budget and any industry whether its for big or small businesses, private or commercial.

Fleet/Vehicle Tracking & Management

Connect your fleet and gain total control and visibility with the latest 4G LTE devices paired with our world class fleet management software.

Instant return on investment

Fuel reduction
More productive
Lower maintenance

Checked every box for us, competitive price, with reliable GPS trackers and modern software that never skips a beat.
Keegan - Car Rental

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Asset Tracking & Management

Complete control over your assets using our GPS Asset Tracking & management software with live tracking, plus valuable data such as fuel levels and unauthorised usage.

Engine hours

Driver ID



Fuel levels

IoT Sensors


I cannot believe we ran our business so long before getting a GPS tracking system... We would be lost without it now.
Jason - Plumbing and Electrical

Driver Safety & Performance

A driver behaviour management system gives fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance in regard to speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.

Safety in numbers

Lower accidents
Insurance discount
Reduction in wear & tear

With Linxio, we can stay compliant and ensure our field workers are within safe zones and driving responsibly.
Steve - Mining

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Job/Delivery Management & Dispatch

Eliminate downtime and increase productivity with seamless job/delivery management & dispatch solutions for all trades, Services & transport companies.


Route optimisation


2-way chat

API Integration


We have reduced our paperwork by more than half, giving an edge over our competition , while running a highly productive fleet.
Daniel - Long haul transport

Case Studies

See why some of our 2000+ customers around the world use Linxio to track, analyze and improve their fleet operations.

A complete fleet management
software solution


GPS Vehicle Tracking

• Live vehicle tracking
• Trip & stop history
• Geofence alerts

Learn More >


Fuel &

• Fault code monitoring
• Paperless Inspections
• Usage-based maintenance

Learn More >


Trailer Management

• Theft detection
• Utilization reporting
• Cargo and temperature

Learn More >



• Wireless IoT Sensors
• Live temperature alerts
• Lifetime historical logs

Learn More >


Safety & Dash Cameras

• Distracted driving detection
• In-cab coaching alerts
• Automatic incident upload

Learn More >


Routing & Job Dispatch

• Route optimisation
• Proof of delivery (POD's)
• Dispatch to Driver App

Learn More >


Documents & Licences

• Driver & vehicle documents
• Centralized record-keeping
• Expiration alerts and report

Learn More >


Compliance Management

• FTC, FBT, ATO certified
• Works with iOS or Android
• Centralized visibility

Learn More >


Linxio grows when you do, so you only pay for what you need

Scales from small fleets to large enterprises

Linxio combines ease of use with enterprise-grade security, scalability, and flexibility, delivering results to customers of all sizes.




Plug & play hardware


Intuitive, modern design


Local phone support



Enterprise level security


Open developer APIs


Custom hierarchies

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We can help businesses in any industry that runs a mobile workforce

Fleet Management Tools Trusted Across Industries

With a complete hardware portfolio and broad feature set, Linxio is a system that provides ROI for fleet customers across many verticals.

Food & beverage


Transportation & logistics


Field services


Construction & plant hire


Oil, gas & mining


Emergency & healthcare


Car & truck rental

At Linxio, we excel at all aspects
of GPS tracking.

With our world-class GPS based tracking software, and in house development team, the limits are endless.

Whether you have a large or small private or commercial company, you can benefit from our GPS based tracking software.

Keeping your fleet on schedule and on time is critical to your business, and being able to see exactly where they are on their journey can go a long way in being able to let your customers know when their shipments are going to arrive.

Along with being able to see where your shipments are, our clients get a host of exclusive features with our fleet management and vehicle tracking software suite. You can get feedback on your driver’s behaviour to ensure that they’re driving safely in all weather conditions, and we also offer a comprehensive system that ranks your drivers based on their performances. Linxio’s fleet management software and GPS tracking solutions help improve fleet productivity and increase revenue in your business.

It’s also important that you keep on top of routine maintenance and your fuel costs to reduce your company overhead, and our fleet maintenance tracking software can help you plan routes and set reminders for routine maintenance. This can cut your overall costs and reduce your company overhead, especially if you have a large fleet of vehicles.

In short, when it comes to vehicle tracking, linxio has you covered.

Since each vehicle gets outfitted with GPS trackers, you can maximise your company’s productivity. Ensuring your drivers are being as productive as possible, and it can reduce the hours you spend pouring over logbooks.

Because your drivers know you have vehicle tracking, they’ll practice safer driving. It helps get rid of bad habits like hard braking, speeding or unsafe driving. Also, it pinpoints your driver’s location in the event of an emergency.

You can effectively plan routes to maximise your fuel savings. Your drivers will most likely reduce their vehicle idling time, and you can mark out a clear route to increase how far your fuel goes.


Should a vehicle in your fleet be lost or stolen, GPS tracking can give you a constant location. You’ll be able to quickly and easily recover your vehicle and save valuable time and money.


Is GPS Tracking Worth the Investment?

This is really what it all comes down to for every business decision.

Our fleet management software and GPS based tracking solution has proven time and time again that our clients can save thousands of dollars per month by lowering labour costs, reducing fuel usage, and improving productivity, all while having a complete overview of your fleet and staff. In dollar terms, savings of upwards of $3000 per month, per employee.

Let us show you how your business can get an instant ROI on implementing a GPS tracking system in your fleet today, simply complete this inquiry form to get our latest brochure and pricing plans.

With a 30 day free trial and money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Check our pricing for world-class GPS tracking. Complete this form for an emailed proposal according to your fleet size.

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